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Baiyun District

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Updated: 2020-04-24

Baiyun District

Baiyun district is located in the central part of Guiyang city, Guizhou province. One of the six central districts of Guiyang, it was reorganized in 1973. The district covers a total area of 272 square kilometers, and has jurisdiction over 300,000 people in two townships, three towns and seven communities.

It is a district of science and technology innovation. Located in Shawen and Maijiao towns, Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone is the only national-level high-tech zone in the province. As the core area, exhibition area and pilot area of Zhongguancun Guiyang Science and Technology Park, it has introduced leading enterprises such as Foxconn, Inhon International, ZTE and Sina, gathered 507 big data and affiliated companies, and operated 20 cloud projects such as food safety cloud and e-commerce cloud.

Baiyun district was named by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone and National Outstanding Zone in Science and Technology Progressand is also a pilot county for county-level economic intellectual property in Guizhou province. The comprehensive scientific and technological progress level index of the district is 68.1 percent. The output value of high-tech industries accounts for 58.2 percent of the total industrial output value, and the number of talents per 10,000 people at 1,675 ranks third in the province.

It is an open district inviting investment. Located in Dula township, Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the first mountain ecological comprehensive bonded zone in the country and the first comprehensive bonded zone in Guizhou. Opened at the end of last year, it is now a pilot zone for opening up and the new driving force of economic development in Guiyang and Guizhou.

It has introduced well-known companies such as AVIC Group, Hewlett-Packard, IZP, and isoftstone. With an excellent development environment and high-quality and efficient government services, it has been honored as one of the top ten districts in theprovince for service environment, economic and social environment and development efficiency. As one of the earliest development zones in the province, the Baiyun Economic Development Zone ranks first in the comprehensive evaluation of the 17,100 billion yuan-level development zones in the province.

It is a healthy and ecological friendly district. Baiyun district is rich in forest resources. Its per capita public green space is 12.69 square meters, and its forest coverage rate is 43.61 percent. Changpoling National Forest Park, Duxi Forest Farm and Yunwu Mountain are all natural "oxygen bars". At present, led by enterprises such as Yanjing Beer, Wahaha and Master Kong, a health city, a health industrial park, and the Penglai Fairland Scenic Spot are under construction to establish a health industry integrating big data and covering medical treatment, medicine, food and leisure.

It also has a sound education system that has produced fruitful results. It was the first district in the province to pass the national review on balanced development of compulsory education. The junior high schools under its jurisdiction ranked first in the city for two consecutive years as to the results of the senior high school entrance examination. The district has also won the first prize of the municipal education and teaching quality management award.

At present, with the goal of providing fifteen-year universal basic education and building a future education center, the district is cooperating with famous schools from Beijing and Shanghai to run kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools for students in the district. In addition, excellent students will be granted the opportunity to study abroad.

It is a livable district. The northern portal of Guiyang, it is adjacent to the municipal administrative center and has convenient transportation. It is only 20 minutes away from Longdongbao International Airport by car, and has 392 kilometers of roadways. In the future, a three-dimensional traffic network covering expressways, high-speed rail, rail transit and urban trunk roads will be formed.

The infrastructure in the district is relatively complete, the public facilities are complete, and the urbanization rate of the whole district is 78 percent. It has achieved high-quality and balanced development in social undertakings and public services, and is one of the province's most civilized cities. At present, it is promoting urbanization, improving its living environment and supporting facilities, and striving to become the fourth main district of Guiyang.

In the future, Baiyun district will accelerate the development of big data and opening up, strengthen economic development andsocial management and party construction, and try to become the most pioneering and developed district in Guiyang. It will realize its potential as a new growth engine and a new zone for urbanization and demonstration in the west.

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