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Wood art


Wood art, originally created by Chen Baiqiu, a Guiyang artist, is an art form with wood to express a plain, natural, but modern, aesthetic.

Colorful Stick Dance


The Colorful Stick Dance is a particular Kapu Miao ethnic dance in Xiafen in the Wudang district, with gold thread sticks.

Copper Drum Dance


The Copper Drum Dance is from the Miao people and used for worship. It uses copper drums, and a line of people dancing, with a lusheng (reed-pipe instrument) in their hands.

Wood Drum Dance


The Wood Drum Dance of the Miao ethnic group is also used in worship and involves a wooden drum and the lusheng, a reed-pipe. It is most popular in Gaopo and the village of Shilong in the Baiyun district.

Bonamo fan painting


The Bonamo fan painting is a style of farmer art that has become more popular among the ethnic groups of Guiyang's suburbs in recent years. Bonamo, in the Bouyei language, refers to the Yunwu (cloud and fog) Mountains in rural Guiyang.

Exquisite embroidery and cross-stitch work


Embroidery and cross-stitch work are traditional ethnic handicrafts in the city of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, which has many ethnic groups with their own characteristics, such as the delicate, pretty Bouyei people, gorgeous Miao, simple but elegant Shui and the lively Dong.

Bouyei clothing


Almost every Bouyei woman is adept at weaving and embroidery and Bouyei girls, under their mother's guidance, can easily become good at planting cotton, spinning thread, weaving cloth, and sewing, as well as being an expert at embroidery -- the traditional handicraft.

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