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Banna Ethnic Group Park


Banna Ethnic Group Park is a tourist spot and a technological demonstration site.

Tips for visiting scenic spots in Guiyang, Guian


Driving from Guiyang – capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province – to the adjacent Guian New Area, visitors can pass by various famous sights and attractions such as the Tianhetan scenic spot, Chetian scenic spot and Yueliang Lake.

Western Bathing Sea


The Western Bathing Sea, operated by the Good Friends Bathing Co, Guiyang's largest company of its kind, is a large leisure and recreation center, with a sauna, restaurants, a gymnasium, indoor golf, chess, business bar, Internet bar, oxygen bar, and cinema.

Guiyu Hot Springs


Guiyu Hot Springs in Shunhai village, Xintianzhai town, Wudang district, Guiyang is a national 4A level scenic spot that integrates hot springs, spas, beauty salon, as well as accommodation, catering, conference, entertainment, and health care facilities.

Victoria Coffeehouse


This graceful, comfortable coffeehouse in a European style serves both coffee and wine, and provides some Chinese and Western fast food.

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