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Xiuwen County

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Updated: 2020-04-24

Xiuwen County

Xiuwen county, known as Longchang in ancient times, was established as a county in the 26th year of the Kangxi reign (1687). Covering a total area of 1,075.7 square kilometers, the county administers  a total population of 363,000 in nine towns, one township and two community service centers.

Superior Location

Located at the geographical center of Guizhou province, Xiuwen county is a key area of the central Guizhou economic region and the real economy industrial region in the northern part of Guiyang. It is the core area of the northern industrial new city in Guiyang. The county is 25 kilometers away from the administration center of Guiyang, the nearest county to Guiyang's downtown area. Xiuwen is applying to establish itselfas a district of Guiyang City. 

Convenient Transportation

The Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, Chongqing-Guiyang Express Railway, Guiyang-Zunyi Expressway, Guiyang-Bijie Highway, the 210 National Highway and the Xifeng-Qianxi Expressway run through Xiuwen county. The Baiyun-Longchang and Guanshan Lake-Zhazuo urban trunk roads make it convenient and fast to travel to Longdongbao International Airport, Guiyang North Railway Station and Jinyang Passenger Station from the county.

Rich Varieties of Mineral Products

Xiuwen county boasts a large reserve of high grade and easy-to-mine aluminum, coal and iron ore, while also being rich in mineral resources such as pyrite, barite and cement limestone. The aluminum ore and raw coal reserves exceed more than 100 million tons and 350 million tons respectively. The reserves of gallium oretotal 42.81 million tons and the amount of gallium is 1,880 tons, the top source in Guizhou province.

Pleasant Ecological Environment

Xiuwen county, at an average elevation of 1,250 meters, has a subtropical monsoon, humid climate, featuring anannual average temperature between 13 C and 16 C, anannual rainfall of 1,140.9 mm and an average air humidity of 82 percent. The county has 31 rivers, over 30 reservoirs, 300 million square meters of forest, and nearly 40 million square meters of grassland. The forest coverage rate of the county is 46 percent and the green coverage rate of county town and townships has reached 41.2 percent and 37 percent respectively. The excellent rate of good air quality is 97 percent.

Profound Cultural Heritage

During the reign of Emperor Zhengde(1506-1521) in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), Wang Yangming learned from the Book of Changes and developed his philosophical theories of innate knowing, integration of knowledge, and mind and the world. He established the Longgang Academy for the first time and started education in Guizhou province. Since 1999, Xiuwen county has held the international Wang Yangming Culture Festival for six times and achieved fruitful results. With great branding and academic influence, the "Longchang Forum" is well-known throughout the world.

Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Xiuwen county has a variety of unique, peculiar and wonderful natural landscapes, including 47 land destinations, 21 water destinations, six biological landscapes, and eight historical sites and relics. It has four 4A-level scenic spots: China Wang Yangming Cultural Park, Taoyuan River Scenic Spot, Guiyang Forest Wildlife Park and Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring. Making efforts to build a national cultural tourism county in recent years, Xiuwen has developed into a recognized tourism destination.

Agricultural Products

Based on the development strategy of mountainous characteristic agriculture, Xiuwen county develops featured agricultural planting and breeding focused on vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and Chinese herbs. The county has 11 provincial and municipal high-efficiency agricultural demonstration parks and the vegetable planting area remains stable at around 300,000 mu (201,000 hectares) per year. It is one of the 100 vegetable planting counties in China and the vegetable supply base of Guiyang. The fine fruit planting area has reached more than 280,000 mu, of which kiwifruit has been planted across 167,000 mu, making Xiuwen county the largest base for kiwifruit planting, preservation and processing in Guizhou. Xiuwen's kiwifruit has been exported to the United States, Canada and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia. As the national geographical indication protection product, Xiuwen Kiwifruit has won the national geographical certification mark, registration of agricultural geographical indication protection of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the gold medal of the 16th China Green Food Expo.

Open and Civilized Development

Xiuwen is located in the core area of the inland open economic pilot zone in Guizhou. Based on the Xiuwen Economic Development Zone, the county has built the Zhongguancun Guiyang Science and Technology Park Xiuwen Industrial Park, introducing 21 domestic and foreign top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises. It now has one company that is investing overseas, 11 foreign trade enterprises and four foreign investment enterprises. In 2018, it had 14.2 billion yuan of investment in place. Xiuwen County has been awarded the titles of Guizhou New Material Research Industry Demonstration Base, Guizhou New Industrialization Demonstration Base, Guizhou Provincial Service Industry Cluster Area and Guizhou Provincial Eco-industrial Park.

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