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Is it necessary to issue a good Samaritan law?

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Editor's Note: In recent years there has been a string of high profile incidents in which bystanders openly ignored victims of accidents. Many experts call for a national "Good Samaritan" law to be passed in China, but so far only a few cities on the mainland have pushed ahead with such legislation. Do you think it is necessary to issue good Samaritan laws to avoid similar accidents? Our forum readers share their opinions and you are also welcome to add yours.

AmyithistNichole (China)

The Chinese southern city of Shenzhen has introduced a law to provide legal protection for good Samaritans. It removes the fear of being blackmailed by someone who might claim the person who tried to help them is responsible for any consequences. I think the Shenzhen law should spread across China.

Is it necessary to issue a good Samaritan law?

People lift boards with Chinese to declare war on apathy and cold-heartedness at the hardware market where Yueyue was run over and ignored by pedestrians in Foshan, south Chinas Guangdong province, 23 October 2011. On Oct. 13, a van hit a 2-year-old girl in Foshan and immediately fled. A total of 17 people passed by during the next seven minutes, but absolutely no one reached out to help until after another car ran over her. The girl, nicknamed Xiao Yueyue, was finally helped and sent to the hospital by the 19th passerby, a garbage scavenger. A week later, Xiao Yueyue died in the hospital. [Photo/IC]

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