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People should not amplify false information

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-22 08:10

People should not amplify false information

A taxi and pedestrians make their way in a flooded street in Beijing, July 20, 2016. [Photo/VCG]

After heavy rain throughout Wednesday, posts about Beijing's flooded subway stations and water-logged roads were quickly forwarded on social media. Yet some of the information spread via social media was fabricated. Beijing Youth Daily commented on Thursday:

Such fictional exaggerations, distortion of the facts and concocting of sensational rumors are usually produced intentionally, whether for grandstanding, venting negative emotions or just as a stimulating pursuit.

All the unconfirmed information on social media about the flooding in the city heightened the anxieties of its residents. To control the flooding is one of the municipal government's duties as is controlling fabricated rumors with the release of timely information. And to deter people from fabricating rumors and false information, and to punish those that do so, laws and regulations with clear penalties should be implemented and enforced.

With more heavy rain forecast, the authorities must ensure they use all possible means to ensure residents are aware of the true situation. The public should also shoulder its responsibility and only forward official information released by the relevant departments. They should not spread hearsay and rumors. We must be cautious and careful, to avoid becoming loudspeakers for fabrications and rumors.

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