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  • Mystery prisoner has authorities stumped

    2011-07-27 11:24

    A mystery man arrested on minor charges more than three weeks ago remains behind bars in Utah while law enforcement officials try to determine his true identity, which he refuses to reveal.

  • Footballers to get their kicks from 'Albert' ball

    2011-07-27 11:20

    Would you Adam and Eve (believe) it? The official match ball to be used at the London 2012 Olympic soccer tournament will be called 'The Albert'.

  • Russia's love affair with dill more than a sprinkle

    2011-07-27 11:13

    Sprinkled on almost every dish to combat sweating: the herb dill is a matter of Russian national pride.

  • India maharaja's tiger hunting Rolls may fetch $1m

    2011-07-27 11:08

    A rare Rolls Royce Phantom modified for tiger hunting by an Indian maharaja during the days of the British Raj put under the hammer may fetch up to $1 million.

  • Men who buy sex may commit more crimes

    2011-07-22 10:46

    Men who pay for sex are more likely than non-buyers to commit a variety of offenses, including violent crimes against women, according to research conducted in the Boston area.

  • Curiosity seekers pay to spend night in jail

    2011-07-22 10:44

    The cheapest room and board in Jefferson City, Missouri, over the weekend was at the county jail, and 170 people gladly checked in.

  • Gym jumping blamed for shaking building

    2011-07-21 11:09

    A news report says the shaking at a South Korean high-rise shopping mall that forced the evacuation of hundreds of people was likely caused by people jumping in a fitness center.

  • Test run for death in Korea with coffin trial

    2011-07-07 18:13

    At age 62, Ha Yu-soo had begun to feel his mortality, wondering about the timing of death's soft tap on the shoulder. But why wait, he thought. Maybe he could take a test run.

  • Disgraced Japan politician blames own blood

    2011-07-07 14:13

    Forced to quit after barely a week as Japan's reconstruction minister for remarks deemed offensive to victims of the March earthquake and tsunami, Ryu Matsumoto had an unusual explanation for his behavior -- his blood type.

  • Woman charged with putting antifreeze in smoothie

    2011-07-07 10:24

    A woman was being held on an attempted murder charge Wednesday after police say she spiked her roommate's peach smoothie with antifreeze three years ago.

  • Motorcyclist in helmet protest dies

    2011-07-05 09:36

    A bare-headed motorcyclist riding in protest of New York state's helmet law crashed, struck his head on the roadway and died from his injuries, state police said on Sunday.

  • Divorce ceremonies pick up in Japan

    2011-07-05 10:48

    Ceremonies to celebrate divorces have gained momentum in Japan after the massive March earthquake and tsunami.

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