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Tibet builds China's highest border station

[2012-03-11 19:36]

The highest border police station in China was established Saturday in a village in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibet earmarks $1.3 b for rural support

[2012-02-04 20:58]

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has earmarked more than 8 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) this year to improve the living conditions of farmers and herdsmen in the region.

10% of China’s wetlands is in Tibet

[2012-02-02 10:53]

The total area of wetlands in Tibet is 6 million square hectares, 10 percent of all the wetlands in the country.

Free education expands to 15 years in Tibet

[2012-01-17 17:15]

Children in the Tibet autonomous region will get free preschool education starting this fall.

Tibet sees strong growth in foreign trade

[2011-12-31 21:00]

Tibet's foreign trade continued to see robust growth this year as the government stepped up efforts to improve infrastructure in inland port cities and the efficiency of customs clearance.

Tibet home to 80% of world’s black-necked cranes

[2011-12-28 17:20]

Tibet has more than 8,000 black-necked cranes, which is more than 80 percent of the world’s total.

More bilingual kindergartens in Tibet

[2011-12-27 20:55]

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region plans to set up 251 new kindergartens offering education in both Mandarin and the Tibetan language next year, the regional government said Tuesday.

Impressions of Tibet (August 2011)

[2011-09-02 10:18]

China Daily website reporter Song Wei spent 10 days in Tibet, Aug 20-Aug 30, 2011. This special coverage includes some of the stories and images she witnessed at the roof of the world. It portrays Tibet and its people, and highlights changes in the past six decades since its peaceful libration.

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