China / Tibet

Eight lamas receive highest honor

[2013-04-11 17:42]

Eight lamas received the academic degree after passing tests of general knowledge about Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan language and defending from dissertations.

Windows to the Unknown

[2013-04-07 09:14]

Tashi Kuergan Tajik autonomous county in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has a long history as a stop on the ancient Silk Road. But not any more. Award-winning Chinese photographer Li Xinzhao captures the beauty of the forgotten ancient town and its people.

Snowmelt, crumbling rock blamed for landslide

[2013-04-06 00:32]

Investigators have concluded that melting snow seeping into disintegrating rock caused a massive landslide last week that killed 83 people in a mining area near Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region.

Tibet landslide caused by natural factors

[2013-04-05 22:28]

The massive landslide that buried 83 workers at a mountainous mining area in Tibet a week ago was a geological disaster caused by natural factors, an expert team said.

Eight Tibetan monks named Geshelharampa

[2013-04-05 20:43]

Eight more monks have passed the annual debate challenges and were accredited as the highest scholars of the Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism Thursday in Jokhang Temple, Lhasa.

Memorial service held for Tibet landslide victims

[2013-04-04 22:25]

A memorial ceremony was held for the victims in the March 29 landslide in China's Tibet autonomous region on Thursday, as rescuers continued their search for the remaining missing.

Names of Tibet landslide victims released

[2013-04-03 22:55]

The names, genders and registered permanent addresses of all 83 victims of a landslide in a mountainous mining area in Tibet were released by the rescue headquarters on Wednesday.

Cleanup efforts under way at scene of Lhasa landslide

[2013-04-03 01:54]

Rescuers have started disinfecting the site of Friday’s huge landslide that buried 83 workers in a mining area near Lhasa, in the Tibet autonomous region, to prevent the outbreak of disease.

59 bodies recovered from Tibet landslide

[2013-04-02 21:56]

Fifty-nine bodies have been retrieved at the site of a mining area landslide in southwest China's Tibet autonomous egion by 7 pm Tuesday, rescuers said.

Mine rescue efforts hampered by weather

[2013-04-02 01:06]

Rescue workers searching for missing miners, buried by Friday's massive landslide near Lhasa, were forced to clear the site twice as the risk of further landslides grew.

All-out rescue for buried miners in Tibet

[2013-04-01 07:46]

More heavy-duty excavating devices were transported on Sunday to the site of a fatal landslide in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.Three more bodies foundHopes fading for mine landslide victims

17 confirmed dead in Tibet landslide

[2013-04-01 05:12]

The number of people known to have died in a landslide that buried 83 people in a mining area near Lhasa rose to 17 on Sunday evening.