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'Orphan' incident exposes Dalai clique's hypocrisy

[2013-10-17 07:04]

The "Tibetan orphans" incident, exposed by European media, has lifted the veil on the callous and hypocritical Dalai Lama clique, who have been masquerading as pacifist and benevolent. Swiss film highlights 'Tibetan orphans' taken from birth parents

All 86 tourists evacuated from Mount Qomolangma

[2013-10-15 01:34]

Rescuers have evacuated the 86 tourists from a base camp on Mount Qomolangma and a nearby monastery where they had been stranded amid heavy snow on Monday, local authorities said.

Tourists stranded by snow at Qomolangma

[2013-10-15 00:02]

Rescuers worked to clear a snow-blocked road and free 86 tourists, including 13 foreigners, stranded on Monday at the northern base camp of Mount Qomolangma in the Tibet autonomous region.

Tibetans' caterpillar fungus nearing exhaustion

[2013-09-24 17:33]

The caterpillar fungus, a cash cow for Tibetans, may die out in China in two decades, as a result of overexploitation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, experts have warned.

China hails Austria's stance on Tibet

[2013-09-05 16:56]

China spoke highly of Austria's stance of giving no support to any separatist activities that seek Tibet independence and undermine China's territorial integrity, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Thursday.

Livestock now safe in quake-hit villagers

[2013-09-05 10:51]

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake and a 5.9-magnitude quake hit the prefecture on August 28 and 31, killing three people and damaging many houses as well as at least 45 religious sites.

Tibet to launch huge afforestation project

[2013-09-01 07:18]

China's Tibet autonomous region is planning to invest 30 billion yuan (about $4.8 billion) in an afforestation project to cover six major rivers in the region.

Quake relief supplies sent to Tibet

[2013-08-14 06:01]

Quake relief supplies were sent on Tuesday to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, which was jolted by a 6.1-magnitude arthquake on Monday.

Tibetan culture on display during Shoton Festival

[2013-08-13 07:03]

The Shoton Festival, which ended Monday in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, featured multiple displays of Tibetan culture, including opera performances and exhibitions of painted scrolls and Tibetan calligraphy.

5.1-magnitude aftershock jolts Tibet

[2013-08-12 09:38]

Aftershocks, with the strongest measuring 5.1 magnitude so far, have kept striking the Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region on Monday.

A waltz of joy as dance festival steps into town

[2013-08-07 10:23]

A dance festival lasting three days has waltzed into Luqu county in Northwest China’s Gansu province, on Tuesday, lifting the sprits of both humans and livestock in the herding-dominated county.

County linked at last with outside world

[2013-08-07 07:40]

Few people understand the importance of roads better than the residents of Medog county.