China / Tibet

Market moves to modern mall as Lhasa safeguards the past

[2013-11-09 01:45]

More than 3,000 street stalls along Lhasa's Yutok Street moved to a new shopping mall on Friday to better protect and upgrade the ancient city center.

Tibet sees less sandstorms

[2013-11-07 16:04]

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has witnessed a trend of significantly reducing sandstorms in the past 50 years, according to an official bulletin released on Thursday.

Folk costumes show hosted in Tibet

[2013-10-23 11:51]

Model present folk costumes during a Kamba costumes show in Chamdo prefecture, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, Oct 21, 2013.

Tibetan-language efforts welcomed

[2013-10-23 00:11]

Modern information-sharing technology that supports the Tibetan language has been hailed by an expert in cultural preservation and the protection of religious beliefs in the Tibet autonomous region.

Full Text: Development and Progress of Tibet

[2013-10-22 13:17]

The Information Office of the State Council on Tuesday published a white paper on the development and progress of Tibet.

Voter turnout in Tibet tops 94%: white paper

[2013-10-22 11:49]

Voter turnout in Tibet's local elections exceeded 94 percent in 2012, says a white paper issued on Tuesday.

Tibet's 2012 gross output hit 70b yuan: white paper

[2013-10-22 11:44]

The gross regional product (GRP) of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has rocketed from 129 million yuan ($21 million) in 1951 to 70.1 billion yuan last year.

Tibet is one of world's cleanest areas: white paper

[2013-10-22 11:40]

The Tibet Plateau is "the third-cleanest area in the world in terms of its environment," after the South Pole and North Pole, says a white paper issued on Tuesday.

Dalai Lama aims to rock Tibet's foundation: white paper

[2013-10-22 11:23]

The true aim of the 14th Dalai Lama and his clique in exile is to rock the systemic foundations that have ensured the development and progress of Tibet.

Tibetan culture well preserved, developed: white paper

[2013-10-22 11:05]

Tibetan culture has been well preserved and developed, and freedom of religious belief has been respected and protected.

China issues white paper on Tibet's development

[2013-10-22 10:53]

China on Tuesday issued a white paper on Tibet, detailing its comprehensive development and rapid progress in the past 60-odd years.

Swiss film highlights 'Tibetan orphans' taken from birth parents

[2013-10-17 07:18]

In 1963, seven-year-old Tibi Lhundub Tsering was picked up by his foster parents at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. His mother Youden Jampa, working in a road-building camp in India, knew nothing of her son's whereabouts.