China / Tibet

Dalai Lama distorts picture about Tibet: Luxembourg scholar

[2015-07-02 17:28]

The picture painted by Dalai Lama about Tibet for the rest of the world is twisted by lies, said a Luxembourg scholar after six years of intensive study.

Qomolangma Tibet base camp to reopen

[2015-06-30 14:57]

The base camp on the north face of Mount Qomolangma in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region will reopen to climbers on Wednesday, according to local tourism authorities.

Tibet's most elusive mysteries

[2015-06-30 14:36]

As the "four greatest mysteries in the world", the savage in Tibet has provoked much discussion.

Tibet through the ages

[2015-06-29 17:30]

Newborn babies at the People's Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region, China, 1992.

Some Tibetan antelopes do not migrate due to improved ecology

[2015-06-25 13:47]

Research has found that some Tibetan antelopes now choose to remain where they are for labor.

A monk's story in Potala Palace

[2015-06-25 13:41]

Lozang Chodrak is a monk working in the Potala Palace. Every morning, Lozang Chodrak chants sutras first and then starts his daily work including doing some cleaning and sorting Buddhism classics.

Tibetans celebrate Burning Offerings Festival

[2015-06-24 13:25]

People of the Tibetan ethnic group celebrate the Burning Offerings Festival in Hongyuan county, Southwest China's Sichuan province, June 23, 2015.

China opens new route for Indian pilgrims to Tibet

[2015-06-22 12:54]

A new path for Indian pilgrims to sacred religious sites officially opened in Tibet's Dromo county on June 22.

China denounces Dalai Lama's 'middle way'

[2015-04-15 11:16]

The government issues a white paper on Tibet, applauding its development path and denouncing the "middle way" advocated by the Dalai Lama.

Full Text: Tibet's development a historical necessity

[2015-04-15 11:13]

The State Council Information Office, China's cabinet, on Wednesday published a white paper on the development path of Tibet.

Qinghai-Tibet railway to reach Nepal in 2020

[2015-04-07 15:13]

China has announced that it will extend the Qinghai-Tibet railway to the border areas with Nepal within the next five years. The railway will stretch out for another 540 kilometers from Xigaze to Jilong county which sits on the border of China and Nepal.

School develops handwriting input for Uygur, Tibetan languages

[2015-04-01 15:39]

Xidian University in Shaanxi Province has developed handwriting input for the Uygur and Tibetan languages, which are used by millions of ethnic minorities in China, after seven years of research and development