China / Tibet

Tibetans jump on the online shopping bandwagon

[2014-12-13 04:44]

Friday afternoon was a busy time for 28-year-old Tang Xianlin, a deliveryman in Lhasa. He had more than 200 parcels to deliver, but his cellphone battery twice ran short of power for him to call recipients.

Online shopping booms in Tibet

[2015-01-02 11:20]

The number of residents using modern communication tools has rapidly increased in recent years in the Tibet autonomous region, according to the region's communication management office.

Life in Tibet's rooftop village

[2014-08-13 14:44]

Located near the Lake Puma Yumco, Tibet, Tuiwa is the highest administrative village in the world.

Govt carries out conservation program in Tibet

[2015-07-09 14:04]

More than 10,005 hectares of desert land at the north side of Yarlung Zangbo River has been transformed after local government carried out a conservation program in recent years.

Stunning images of devout Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims

[2015-07-08 07:05]

Hu Guoqing is an award-winning photographer and member of the China Photographers Association. His works, Passage of the Heart, capture pious Tibetan pilgrims on their journey to the holy mountain last year.

Tibet story: Face of Tibet is changing fast

[2015-07-08 10:29]

Tibet, which remained isolated for centuries, is now opening up to the outside world. Radical changes have taken place since the establishment of Tibet autonomous region of China.

Nine holy lakes in Tibet

[2015-07-07 10:26]

Teacher finds love, life calling in Tibet

[2015-07-06 07:28]

Zhang Jingchuan said that seeing children smile in Tibet is like finding the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Riding yaks along the rooftop of the world

[2015-07-03 10:55]

As the first rays of the morning sun on the plateau were pouring onto the snow-capped mountains around Namtso Lake in the Tibet autonomous region, Yontan headed to the sacred lake with his beloved white yak.

Hotel built on a gemstone and a dream

[2015-07-03 10:55]

The Holly Sheep Hotel, near Namtso Lake in the Tibet autonomus region, is a tourist attraction with a catchy name that's easy to remember.

Tibetan buttered tea culture

[2015-07-03 17:39]

Tibetan tea culture has a history dating back at least a thousand years. In Tibetan language, tea is referred to as "jia". Tea has special functions such as aiding digestion, stopping thirst and revitalizing energy. Since meat, butter and barley is staple food for people living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is not one day they can go without tea.

Tibetan antelope off danger list

[2015-07-03 07:52]

Wildlife advocates have welcomed the removal of the chiru, or Tibetan antelope, from the endangered species list, but plan to continue their protection program.