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What Women Want《倾听女人心》精讲之二

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Nick: Dr., you may not remember me.

Doctor: Yes?

Nick: I'm Nick Marshall. I came here about ten years ago with my ex-wife, Gigi.

Doctor: Oh, Christ, not him.

Nick: Oh, good, you remember me. I'm sorry to barge in like this, but I don't know who to turn to. I'm afraid to go to work. I'm afraid of my door woman. I'm... I'm afraid to get a cup of coffee.

Doctor: Mr. Marshall, please slow down. Slow down. Let me make sure I completely understand what it is you're saying.

Nick: All right. All right. I hear what women think.

Doctor: Yeah. You know, Mr. Marshall, this kind of imaginary displacement scenario...

Nick: I'm not imag...

Doctor: - really isn't my thing. I do, however, have a very good friend over at University Hospital, who specializes in male menopause and testosterone depletion. She's fabulous. I think what I'll do is just give her a ring...and send you over there. Why did I answer my door? I was so into buying that lamp on eBay.

Nick: How much was it going for?

Doctor: How much was what going for?

Nick: The lamp on eBay.

Doctor: Oh, I see. That's good. Very clever. Dr. Skolnick, please.

Nick: You don't believe me. Try another. Go on. Pick a number. Give it a whirl. Any number.

Doctor: Okay. A number between one and...

Nick: A million. Why not?

Doctor: One and a million. All right. Mm.

Nick: 644,998... 99... 90. Wanna make a decision here?

Doctor: Oy vay!

Nick: Oh, you can say that again.

Doctor: I didn't say anything.

Nick: I know, but it doesn't mean I didn't hear it.

Doctor: Okay. Okay. Let's say... Let's say I do believe you.

Nick: Yeah.

Doctor: You can hear what women think. Even though I'm a grown woman of... 51. 47.

Nick: Oh, my lips are sealed.

Doctor: Holy crap! Oh, forgive me.

Nick: That's all right.

Doctor: But this is phenomenal. You can hear inside my head.

Nick: Yes.

Doctor: Why would you want to get rid of such a brilliant gift?

Nick: Well, for starters, almost every woman I know thinks I'm an asshole.

Doctor: That's what I thought when I met you.

Nick: Doc, give me a break here.

Doctor: Mr. Marshall, you might find this a little unorthodox, but would you mind awfully if I smoked?

Nick: No, no, I understand.

Doctor: Thank you. Thank you so much. Let's try to look at the up side of this, shall we? You know, Freud died at age 83 still asking one question,"What do women want?" Wouldn't it be strange and wonderful if you were the one man on Earth...finally able to answer that question? Listen to me, Nick. Something extraordinary...and I think miraculous has happened to you. My advice is you must learn from this. You know, there isn't a single woman that I treat...that doesn't wish her man understood her better. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus and you speak Venusian, the world can be yours. I don't know how this happened to you or why, but you may just be the luckiest man on Earth. Imagine the possibilities. If you know what women want, you can rule.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. barge in: (粗鲁地)打断(某人说话),打扰(某人做事)

Don't barge in when we're talking.(我们谈话时,不要乱插嘴。)

2. male menopause: 男性更年期

3. give it a whirl: 试一试

The job doesn't sound very exciting but I'll give it a whirl.(这个工作听起来没什么意思,可是我还是要去试一试。)

4. you can say that again: 一点也没错!你说的对! 说得好!

5. my lips are sealed: 我会守口如瓶。

6. phenomenal: 异常的,不寻常的,惊人的

They noticed that he had a phenomenal memory.(他们注意到鲍里斯有一种异常的记忆。)

7. for starters: (非正式)首先,一开始,开始时

For starters, we ought to explain why we're here.(首先,我们应该解释我们为什么在这里。)

8. unorthodox: 非正统的

I'm afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox.(恐怕你的英语有点不正规。)



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