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Good Luck Chuck《幸运查克》精讲之一

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Host: Yo, yo, yo, hold on to your pantyhose. The hostess with the mostest has got a toastess.

Bride: I just want to thank everybody for coming to share this day with us. I couldn't imagine being any happier than I am right now.

Guest: Wait till tonight, sweetheart.

Bride: I know it's a little unorthodox, but I'd also like to propose a toast...to Charlie Logan. Thank you, Charlie, for being my lucky charm. To Charlie!

Guests: To Charlie. To Charlie.

Woman: So, you're that Charlie?

Chuck: What Charlie?

Woman: You know, Charlie, the... the dentist.

Cam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh, no. Are you okay?

Guest: That's horrible. I'm all right.

Cam: I didn't... I didn't mean to. Sorry about that. Oh, jeez.

Chuck: Here you go.

Cam: Thanks.

Chuck: Sure.

Cam: Oh. There I am.

Chuck: Join us.

Cam: So, what did I miss?

Chuck: Not much. Same old... I do, I do. "You may kiss the bride." White cake with raspberry filling, and the doves being released, but the doves refuse to leave.

Cam: I'm Cam. I went to college with the bride.

Chuck: I'm Charlie. I used to date the bride.

Cam: Me, too. Well, no. I mean, it was a one-time-only experimental thing, sophomore year. We were young. And drunk.

Chuck: Is this person being dipped in acid? Waiter, could we have some chloroform for the singer? What are you going to sing? I'm thinking about doing Bon Jovi "Livin' On a Prayer."

Cam: Really? That's the one I was going to do.

Chuck: Oh, really?

Cam: No.

Chuck: So, Cam, what do you do?

Cam: I run the Penguin Habitat at Aqua World.

Chuck: Seriously, what do you do?

Cam: Seriously?

Chuck: Yeah.

Cam: I'm a serial killer. My passion is killing people I meet at weddings. What do you do?

Chuck: FBI. You're under arrest. Your run is over, Miss "Wexler," if that's your real name. Actually, I am a dentist.

Cam: You're a dentist? You'll love me. Perfect teeth. No cavities. Want to see?

Chuck: Oh, my! My legs!

Cam: I'm sorry. Water! Oh, no! I'm sorry. I'll just get in there and...

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. pantyhose: 袜裤;长筒袜裤

2. the hostess with the mostest: 最好的女主人,最迷人的女招待

3. unorthodox: 非传统的;不同寻常的;非惯常的

Did anything unorthodox happen during his interrogation?(在他的调查过程中没发生什么违反规定的事?)

4. propose a toast: 敬酒,举杯

Well, allow me to propose a toast to express my gratitude.(那, 允许我敬酒以表我的感激之情.)

5. lucky charm: 幸运符,护身符

I carry a lucky charm to protect me when I travel.(出门旅行时,我会带一会带来好运的护身符。)

6. acid: 迷幻药

7. serial killer: 连环杀手

8. under arrest: 被捕,批捕

9. Your run is over: 你跑不掉了。

10.cavity: 蛀牙,龋洞

There's a cavity in the boy's tooth.(这个男孩的牙上有一个洞。)



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