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What Women Want《倾听女人心》精讲之三

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Music: I've got you. Under my skin. I've got you. Deep in the heart of me. So deep in my heart.

Darcy: Are you laughing at me?

Nick: Yeah.

Darcy: Good. I didn't think anyone else was still here.

Nick: I didn't know anyone was here.

Darcy: What time is it?

Nick: It's after 10:00. I didn't realize it was so late. I feel so alone.

Nick: Um... I didn't catch that. Sorry?

Darcy: I didn't realize how late it was. And I'm glad you're here. I'm stuck. I feel so alone.

Nick: You want a hand with this?

Darcy: No, thanks. I'm okay.

Nick: Yeah, I'm not buying it. What's going on?

Darcy: Well, I have an early meeting tomorrow with Dan, and I wanted to make it later so I could be more prepared. But then you slipped in there and took the only time he had left, which left me with 8:15 tomorrow morning. It's fine. I'm just not as ready as I wish I was.

Nick: Sorry.

Darcy: You didn't do it on purpose. I just don't want him to be disappointed.

Nick: Hey, why don't we go through some of these together?

Darcy: Really?

Nick: I insist. Unless you're too tired.

Darcy: Oh, no. I'm not tired.

Nick: Yeah, I can see that.

Darcy: It's just so far beyond tired at this point. I've basically stopped sleeping ever since I took this job.

Nick: You have?

Darcy: Yeah, it's weird. I, um... How do I say this?

Nick: You don't feel quite like yourself here, do you?

Darcy: No, I don't. Not yet, anyway. Boy. Plus, I'm mad that I'm getting sick. I never, ever get sick. In fact, you don't have to sit so close to me if you don't want to.

Nick: No, come here. I'll brave it. So, where do we kick off? Control-top panty hose?

Darcy: Okay.

Nick: Personally, I think they do the trick.

Darcy: You've worn control-top panty hose?

Nick: Did you put a pair in the box?

Darcy: Seriously?

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Darcy: You are full of surprises.

Nick: Yeah.

Darcy: No, no, no. I mean that as a compliment. I love that. And how did you look in them?

Nick: Ooh. Hot. My daughter and her boyfriend walked in, and I got 'em on with...

Darcy: And they said what when they saw you in your panty hose?

Nick: It was the turquoise Wonderbra they noticed. Then, the nail polish.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. catch: 这里意思是:我没听清你说什么。

2. stuck: 被……缠住的;被……难住的,不知所措

I am stuck in a relationship which I don't enjoy.(我被一段自己并不喜欢的恋情困住了。)

3. a hand: 一臂之力;插手

Lend me a hand to shift this box, will you?(来帮一下忙,把这箱子搬开, 好吗?)

4. buy it: 放弃,认输

5. slip in: 溜进

You can slip in after this piece of music is played.(这支曲子演奏完后你可以悄悄进去。)

6. on purpose: 故意

7. go through: 仔细检查

8. at this point: 这时候,此时此刻

9. brave it: 满不在乎,放下胆子干下去

As we felt that we had done the right thing we could brave it out.(既然我们认为所做的事情没有错,便能拼着干到底。)

10.kick off: <口>(使)开始

The beach party will kick off at about nine o 'clock.(海滨派对将会在九点开始。)



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