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  • Why spice is nice

    2009-12-19 09:35

    Cuigezhuang township is on Jingshun Lu just outside the Fifth Ring Road, with an emerging restaurant area that includes such names as The Orchard and Green T House.

  • Enjoying Sichuan fare with a bird's-eye view

    2010-12-26 09:25

    Located on the 39th floor of the Hilton Shanghai Hotel, Sichuan Court offers customers traditional Sichuan cuisine, five-star dining service and a unique grand view of Shanghai that no other Sichuan restaurant has.

  • Chuan cuisine

    2011-01-05 15:15

    Chuan Cuisine is the most popular cuisine in all of China, defined in terms of the breadth and depth of where it is served. Of course it helps the depth parameter that the neighboring population-dense municipality of Chongqing, formerly a part of Sichuan Province, is one of the areas outside present-day Sichuan Province most enamored of Chuan Cuisine.

  • Chinese frying pan wows top Spanish chef

    2009-10-30 10:12

    Counting Chongqing fried chicken with chili, Peking roast duck, and jiaohuaji (marinated chicken in lotus leaf) among his favorite Chinese dishes, Albert Adria says, "I'm impressed by the energy of the Chinese frying pan."

  • A spicy hidden gem with lyrics

    2010-12-26 09:25

    Hidden away on a narrow, steep street in a non-descript commercial building in Central is a long-time tenant that serves spicy Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan Da Ping Huo is a private kitchen that is well-known to many in Hong Kong as the restaurant where the meal ends with a song from the chef.

  • Secret of really hot food good chili

    2011-01-17 13:40

    At an authentic Sichuan restaurant you don't need to worry about feeling uncomfortable afterwards. I learned this lesson from eating at Taoranju, which terms its cuisine Chongqing, or Chuanyu style.

  • Taste of Home in A sausage

    2011-02-07 07:12

    Home is where the stomach is, especially for those away abroad, Huang Zhiling reports

  • Sichuan grand dame

    2011-02-21 10:23

    Sichuan Fandian's Wangfujing and Prince Gong's Palace branches were relocated and reopened at the present location at Xinjiekou last December, where the historic restaurant takes on a new look and offers a new set of classic, as well as updated Sichuan dishes.

  • Sichuan sizzlers

    2010-11-29 09:10

    It's not the usual hot-and- sour with lots of fish and spices. Ye Jun gets pleasantly surprised.

  • Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai

    2011-03-07 14:06

    Dynasty is known as one of Shanghai's top Cantonese restaurants with centuries-old history. It boasts the some high level chefs who often serve the visiting heads of stated at special banquets.

  • Local dishes: Beijing and Hong Kong

    2011-05-09 15:17

    A nice, comfortable restaurant offering safe home-style food may be a better place to celebrate Mother's Day than an expensive posh five-star buffet. At least, you won't have your mother nagging you about the costs. Take her to Kai Xiao Zao - a little restaurant that's just opened, and whose owners are very modest about delivering the goods.

  • Bite with a big bang

    2011-06-07 13:48

    Chengdu's 'cannonball' glutinous rice ball snack is all about sight, sound and taste.If you ever go to Jingli Street - an ancient alley in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, do not miss one of the city's most distinctive snacks - sandapao, or "three cannonballs".

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