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  • Chengdu: City of Gastronomy

    2012-03-14 15:48

    People in Chengdu not only visit the luxurious hotels, but also smaller restaurants scattering on the streets and lanes to enjoy the delicious dishes.

  • Dishes to die for

    2012-03-14 15:16

    A Chengdu restaurant celebrates ancient China's epic Battle of Red Cliffs in a most ingenious way.

  • Taste of home in a sausage

    2012-03-14 13:48

    Home is where the stomach is, and for Sichuan natives, home is the scent of local sausages and bacons.

  • Sichuan cuisine cooking contest held in Chengdu

    2012-03-14 13:12

    Competitors participate in a Sichuan cuisine cooking contest in Chengdu.

  • Traditional Chinese restaurants take root in Chicago

    2012-03-14 10:40

    Five Chinese restaurants representing the rich diversity of Chinese cuisine have become well established in Chicago's Chinatown.

  • Sichuan bamboo fungus

    2012-03-14 08:43

    In many kinds of special local products of Sichuan, bamboo fungus is very famous for its good quality.

  • Salt, more than just condiment

    2012-03-13 16:29

    Salt is the most important flavor in any dish, and there are plenty of salt-related folklores in Sichuan.

  • A sweet art — sugar painting

    2012-03-13 15:40

    In and around Sichuan province, one can often find folk artists producing sugar paintings with liquid sugar along the streets, in the parks, and around the schools.

  • Beef in Chili Sauce (Fuqi feipian)

    2012-03-13 14:06

    Beef in Chili Sauce is one of the most popular Sichuan dishes—beautiful in color, soft and tender, aromatic and spicy.

  • Dishes served for White Dew

    2012-03-13 13:48

    White Dew indicates the real start of cool weather. We have to avoid ignoring some seasonal diseases.

  • Dongpo ink fish

    2012-03-12 17:28

    Dongpo ink fish is a well-know traditional Sichuan dish that got its name from the famous poet Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty.

  • Mapo Tofu

    2012-03-12 16:28

    Mapo Tofu was first created in the Qing Dynasty by a freckled woman in Chengdu.