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Anorexia is about mind over body2012-09-05 10:24

When Web-surfer "Lachesis" found there were no anorexia support websites in China, she decided to set up an online group on Douban.com, a well-known social website in China.

The thin & thick of it2012-09-05 10:10

The causes of anorexia nervosa are not clear, but experts believe biological and environmental factors and the current culture of being slim and popularity of dieting contribute to the illness.

Starved for attention2012-09-05 09:42

Obsessing about body weight can be a debilitating, even fatal, condition, and it is affecting more and more of China's young.

Overcoming the odds2012-08-30 10:12

Liu Sen has long struggled with adversity. The 14-year-old grew up in impoverished conditions and has lived with his grandmother, Li Genzhen, 83, ever since his parents died of AIDS when he was very young.

11 tried over sale of gutter oil2012-08-29 13:25

Eleven suspects involved in refining and selling gutter oil stood trial in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, on Tuesday.

Mengniu to increase sourcing raw milk2012-08-29 13:21

China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd hopes to source 100 percent of its raw milk supply from large-scale farms.

Quality of mercy2012-08-29 13:19

Serious illness in the family is always disturbing, and when you are in a foreign country with a totally unfamiliar healthcare system, it can get downright traumatic.

Australian scientists in research into spider venom for breast cancer cure2012-08-17 17:04

Australian scientists are undertaking ground-breaking research into spider venom for use in medicine to fight breast cancer.

Oklahoma reports two more deaths of West Nile virus2012-08-17 17:03

The health department of the US state of Oklahoma confirmed two more deaths of West Nile virus, bringing the state's death toll to three this week.

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