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Pasta with mushrooms and gremolata2012-10-07 17:45

This savory pasta is just one idea for gremolata, a pungent mixture of garlic, lemon zest and parsley.It’s terrific with the sautéed mushrooms.

A little Zucchini for your grated cheese2012-09-24 14:02

Why there is no cult devoted to crunchy fried cheese is beyond me. It’s as crisp as chicken wings and as tempting as a foie gras doughnut.

Fruits dishes2012-09-20 08:55

Seafood perfectly matches the sweet, freshness of papaya, making a dish delicious and delicate instead of oily.

Oatmeal tabbouleh2012-09-17 15:14

Unlike traditional tabbouleh, this is more of a lemony grain salad with a generous amount of parsley and other herbs.

Alaskan king crab salad2012-08-20 16:08

Mango, avocado, romaine lettuce, olive oil, red wine vinaigrette, parsley, Alaskan king crab, black pepper, salt

Tuna and cherry tomato salad2012-08-10 18:23

Pine nuts, black olives, tuna, cherry tomatoes, rocket (arugula) leaves, olive oil, black pepper,

Golden beet and beet-greens salad with yogurt, mint and dill2012-08-07 14:22

Golden beet and beet-greens salad with yogurt, mint and dill.

French potato and green bean salad2012-08-07 14:11

Recipe for French potato and green bean salad.

Cumin-scented summer squash salad2012-08-07 13:44

The summer squash is lightly steamed in this North African salad.

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