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Duck dish proves a hit in Fujian2011-09-10 15:47

People in East China's Fujian province eat ducks during the Mid-Autumn Festival because it is the time of year when the birds are the tastiest.

Holiday gifts from the happy baker2010-12-20 11:15

The countdown has begun, and the air is charged with anticipation as Christmas and New Year draw near. Pauline D. Loh suggests some gift ideas you can whip up in your kitchen.

Summer life is a bowl of cherries2010-07-02 09:20

Cherries are now in season, one of the first fruits to appear after this long and snowy winter in Beijing.

Going nuts over the 'mad apple'2010-06-05 09:41

The humble eggplant may be one of our most maligned foods. As a member of the deadly nightshade family, it suffered a terrible reputation for a long time.

Recipe | KITCHEN AID2010-04-02 10:58

Make sure to place the bacon in a cold pan before cooking or be prepared to wear the fat. You can use oyster or shiitake mushrooms or whatever large mushrooms you like.

Recipe | Siew Mai2010-03-20 07:34


Duck breast and chicken feet salad2010-02-27 09:56

This is more assembly than cooking but it is a good recipe to have on hand, especially when you have to deal with unexpected guests.

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