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Stir-fried sesame shrimp and spinach2012-04-10 13:52

Recipe for succulent stir-fried shrimp with spinach.

Spinach bouillabaisse2012-04-10 13:52

The license to call this nourishing one-dish meal a bouillabaisse comes with the generous pinch of saffron that is added to the broth.

Much ado about bamboo2012-04-07 17:08

Spring has sprung, and bamboo sprouts are sprouting - to the delight of Chinese chefs.

Dongpo ink fish2012-03-12 17:28

Dongpo ink fish is a well-know traditional Sichuan dish that got its name from the famous poet Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty.

Barley, celery root and mushroom salad with scallion vinaigrette2012-03-07 17:30

Recipe for barley, celery root and mushroom salad with scallion vinaigrette.

Pork tenderloin with shallots and prunes2012-03-07 17:29

Recipe for pork terderloin with shallots and prunes.

A taste for adventure2012-02-20 13:50

A tour of Crete was a revelation for our fine dining reporter Ye Jun, who fell in love with the island and its most famous product.

Seasonal tonic in a Shanghai way2012-02-16 15:52

When the sunlight is getting warmer and the cold wind turning breeze, we know that the winter is bidding us adieu.

Lobster stew with a pastry lid2012-02-09 15:59

A hearty recipe of lobster stew with a pastry lid.

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