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  • Slow and steady, the Chinese way

    2012-05-21 11:00

    It is not a strange innovation imported from abroad. It is the natural Chinese way to eat local, eat slow and eat seasonal.

  • How the best of Shiraz changes preconceptions

    2012-05-21 09:47

    Most people have the impression that Shiraz is a strong wine. But a recent tasting of Australian Shiraz changed Ye Jun's mind.

  • Oodles of noodles

    2012-05-21 09:42

    China, and especially Shanxi province, is a place where noodles aren't just a culinary staple - they're a cultural institution.

  • Ningxia presents Grand Reserve 2009

    2012-04-23 14:19

    In September 2011, a wine produced by the Ningxia Hui autonomous region's He Lan Qing Xue winery bagged the Red Bordeaux Varietal Over 10 pounds international trophy at Decanter World Wine Awards.

  • Personal taste

    2012-04-23 13:53

    The country is catching Ye Jun's passion for Shaanxi cuisine, he reports in Beijing.

  • To ban or not to ban, that is the question

    2012-04-15 10:37

    It's not on any menu, and fugu or puffer fish is still technically outlawed for restaurants in China.

  • China gets a taste of world's best wine

    2012-04-15 09:50

    Wine of Bolgheri of Tuscany, Italy is often compared to Bordeaux in France because of similarities in grape varietals. Ye Jun reports.

  • Mix-and-match munchies come from plenty of places

    2012-04-07 17:08

    The newly opened De Yue Ting Cantonese Restaurant (Tak's Cantonese Cuisine) represents the regional mix-and-match that's burgeoning in Beijing's food scene.

  • Much ado about bamboo

    2012-04-07 17:08

    Spring has sprung, and bamboo sprouts are sprouting - to the delight of Chinese chefs.

  • Tea's slow start means better quality

    2012-04-01 15:48

    A cold winter has delayed the marketing of Mingqian tea, the prime of Chinese green teas. But that is not entirely a bad thing, because the quality is expected to be higher.

  • The history of Longjing and Biluochun

    2012-03-31 10:21

    Longjing (dragon well) tea got famous as early as in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

  • Brewing Mingqian tea

    2012-03-31 10:21

    To brew the super tender Mingqian teas, use water of lower temperature compared to normal teas—80 degrees Celsius for Longjing, and 70 degrees Celsius for Biluochun.

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