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  • A taste of China

    2011-10-24 10:41

    It is difficult not to be impressed by the interior of Beijing Wangfu Teahouse and Restaurant.

  • Universal favorite for all seasons

    2011-10-17 11:32

    The expatriates I know in Beijing may have different views on various Chinese cuisines, but I have not yet met one who does not like eating jiaozi or boiled dumplings.

  • Global gastronomy dishes it out

    2011-10-08 13:07

    China's tables keep turning toward the world, as a slew of foreign food restaurants are dishing out their finest fare in the country's capital and beyond.

  • Don't let the cool weather ruin Oktoberfest spirit

    2011-09-25 15:32

    Although this is just the end of September, the spirit of Oktoberfest seems to be running cold in Beijing's autumnal weather.

  • Define wine with an Asian vocabulary, enjoy it more

    2011-09-20 11:16

    Newcomers to wine tasting in China may be confused about some of its standard descriptions.

  • A meal fit for a president

    2011-09-10 15:44

    Former White House executive chef Walter Scheib recently visited Beijing, where he shared his experiences of cooking for two US presidents.

  • Tradition and science brighten up dining scene

    2011-08-28 15:48

    The capital's dining scene has been brightened up by the arrival of world-acclaimed Michelin star chefs from Spain and France.

  • Superchef!

    2011-08-15 11:04

    Jiang Xianwu is known for his "super hands", which can scoop out scalding food from boiling oil.

  • Don't panic! It's organic!

    2011-07-31 10:16

    A Beijing fair is capitalizing on the nature-knows-best agricultural sector boom that's growing in step with food safety scares.

  • Affordable Cantonese

    2011-07-24 13:29

    Food from the southern province of Guangzhou is among the best-known among Chinese cuisines. Ye Jun tracks down a restaurant that draws the home crowds.

  • Food as medicine

    2011-07-17 18:26

    Few would like the idea of adding medicine to food, but for the Chinese, sometimes food is medicine, and adding natural herbs to dishes may mean the creation of a gourmet dish with healthy benefits.

  • Cool seasonal offerings to shake off the summer

    2011-07-11 11:00

    Todai International Seafood and Sushi Buffet Restaurant celebrated its 3rd anniversary by inviting 240 users of micro-blogging service to dinner, for free.

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