Paper cutting helps spread friendship


Liu Guanglong, head of a 10-member delegation from Lv Liang, Shanxi province, presents a paper-cutting art work as a gift to Sun Jianhua, culture consul from the Chinese Consulate General on March 25.

Magnificent Hukou Waterfall


The period from March to April, when peach flowers blossom, is one of the best times to view the Hukou Waterfall in Jixian County, north China's Shanxi province.

Hukou Falls of Yellow River


Hukou Falls of Yellow River locates between Jixian county of Shanxi province and Yichuan county, Shanxi province.

Mount Taihang


Mount Taihang, stretching over 1,000 kilometers long, looks most spectacular along the main line of Yangquan, Jinzhong, Changzhi and Jincheng cities.

Mount Wutai


Mount Wutai, located in the northeastern part of Shanxi province.

Pingyao ancient town


Pingyao ancient town is the best preserved ancient county seat in the Chinese territory.

Shanxi folk woodcut paintings


Shanxi folk woodcut paintings, based around Linfen in the southern part of the province, are popular among the people.

Shanxi folk embroidery


Shanxi folk embroidery is known for its unique artistic style, unsophisticated patterns, beautiful colors, concise compositions, exaggerated modeling, diversified and delicate needlework.

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