Jin Opera


Jin Opera is one of the four Bangzi operas in Shanxi Province.

Experiencing cultural and historical sites in Shanxi


Northwest China's Shanxi Province claims possession of rich cultural and historical heritage, having more than 70% of all ancient architecture in China.

Villagers go the polls


84-year-old Chen Junlan walks to cast her vote in Cicun town, Shanxi province Oct 30, 2011.

Pingyao photography festival opens


A staff member holds a frame for taking pictures of visitors in an exhibition hall in Pingyao, Shanxi province.

Masked boy barred from kindergarten due to burns


Wang Gengxiang, known as "Masked Boy", plays a staring game with a girl in a kindergarten classroom at Mijiazhuang village on the outskirts of Fenyang, North China's Shanxi province Sept 8, 2011.

A mother of 80 orphans


Li Yanping, a 45-year-old mother of 80 orphans picks up some of her children from school in Yaopu village, North China’s Shanxi province, March 19, 2011.

Moon cake feast held in Nothern China


A moon cake feast was held in Shenchi, Shanxi province on Aug 23, 2011. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 12.

From coal mine baron to wine buff


The owner of the chateau, Zhang Wenquan, used to be a coal mine boss with total assets worth around 2 billion yuan. Zhang said he made the change as Ningxiang county’s geography and soil are suitable for grape growing, and investment in wine is a better economic development plan.