Ground collapses undermine N China village


Due to long-term exploitation by a local coal mining company, Pangpangta village suffered a massive house collapse this summer and people were forced to move into cave dwellings that have been deserted for over ten years.

Hukou Cataract attracts more visitors during flood season


Tourists standing on rocks view the Hukou Cataract on the Yellow River in Jixian County, north China's Shanxi province, on August. 15, 2011. Tourist arrivals at the scenic spot pick up steadily as the water volume of the waterfall increases during the annual flood season.

China launches maritime satellite


The orbiter, Haiyang-2, is for the supervision and survey of maritime environment and will be an important tool for the prevention and reduction of maritime disasters.

Tourists visit ancient cities in Shanxi


Shanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau announced on Friday that the number of visitors and tourism income of Shanxi Province in the first half of this year have both increased.

The Old Town of Pingyao


Pingyao is a small town in central Shanxi Province whose history goes back 2,700 years.The city wall stretches for about six kilometers.The old town of Pingyao went on the list of world cultural heritage in 1997.

Vulgar morality challenges traditional culture


Tourists and photographers rush to capture the image of a scantily-clad model daubed in body paint in a provocative campaign highlighting morals.

Collecting honey in spring


Bees,moths collect honey from peach blossoms at a village in North China’s Shanxi province, March 28, 2011.

The joy of New Year carved into red paper


Paper cutting expert Wang Zhenzhu (R) from Yunchen city, North China’s Shanxi province shows her creative work, Jan 18, 2011. In two months, she has made more than 10 pieces of cut outs featuring local folk culture for the upcoming lunar New Year.