Olympic moments to remember

Updated: 2012-08-13 13:26:10

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Success is not always measured by gold. Tibetan Cheyang Sigya's obvious joy as she claims the bronze medal in the women's 20km walk was one such example, as was the synchronized swimmers claiming silver. Ren Cancan took silver in boxing. Cao Zhongrong also won silver in the pentathlon while Gong Jinjie and Guo Shuang rode to silver.


Silver for synchronized swimming team

Olympic moments to remember

China claimed two Olympic medals in synchronized swimming at London Olympics, underlining their emerging strength in the event which has been dominated by Russia.

Chinese synchronized swimmers grabbed a bronze in the deut event on Tuesday, and resisted challenges from Spain to add a silver in the team event on Friday. It has been the best ever achievement for Chinese synchro swimming at the Olympic Games. [Full story]


Bronze for China's first Tibetan Olympian

Olympic moments to remember 

She grew up herding yaks on a plateau meadow, just like many other women from rural Tibet. Singing and praying accounted for much of her spare time. And it was not until 2008 that she got the chance to watch the Olympic Games on TV for the first time.

But the 22-year-old Cheyang Sigya has etched her name into history as China's first Tibetan Olympic medalist, having secured a bronze medal in the women's 20km race walk event held on Saturday at the London Summer Olympics. [Full story]


Silver for women's team sprint track cycling

Olympic moments to remember 

One day after China was stripped of the gold medal in the women's team sprint track cycling event, the cycling team announced on Friday that it would appeal to the International Cycling Union and International Olympic Committee.

"We were relegated to the silver medal moments after the finish," the appeal letter read. "Based on the Olympic spirit and respect for the referee's rule at that time, we accepted that and attended the award ceremony because we wanted to show our sportsmanship at that time. [Full story]


A third Olympic silver for Wang Hao

Olympic moments to remember

After countryman Zhang Jike converted the match point, Wang Hao graciously accepted his third silver medal in men's singles table tennis in as many Olympics. Showing no tears or remorse, the 29-year-old veteran smiled to the camera and encouraged his fans with respect, generosity and calm. [Full story]


Silver for Cao Zhongrong

Olympic moments to remember

Cao Zhongrong earned China's first Olympic medal in the modern pentathlon when he finished second behind Czech Republic military officer David Svoboda.

Cao was overtaken by Svoboda on the final lap of a thrilling combined shoot and run finale. Despite Cao setting off for the final lap around Greenwich Park first, Svoboda proved the stronger runner, who crossed the finish line 6 seconds ahead of his Chinese rival to set an Olympic record of 5,928 points.


Silver for Ren Cancan

Olympic moments to remember 

Ren Cancan lost, but she didn't feel like a loser. Even after coming up short against British boxer Nicola Adams in the flyweight final on Thursday, Ren raised her arms, shook hands with Adams and waved to the crowd. [Full story]


Editorial: Olympic spirit lives on

The London Olympic Games ended on Sunday, but the moving scenes of athletes challenging their physical limits in the competition arena will live on in the memories of many spectators. And the Olympic spirit will inspire many to excel in their careers.

With the closing of the World's biggest sports gathering for another four years, athletes should bear in mind that the journey is more important than the destination. [Full story]


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