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2012-08-11 10:37:17

The surgery was very successful! Thank u for your support! I enjoyed the process of working hard the last few years.

Voices on Liu Xiang's fall

2012-08-08 17:05:51

A collection of web comments on Liu Xiang's fall at the Olympic Games.

Web cheers for Liu Xiang

2012-08-07 17:37:50

Web users cheer for Liu Xiang ahead of his Olympic debut.

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2012-08-07 08:11:23

@Zou Kai; @Lin Dan; @MariaSharapova; @Fu Haifeng; @Usainbolt; @Victoria Azarenka

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2012-08-06 08:09:06

@MichaelPhelps; @He Wenna; @Du Li; @TomDaley1994; @MayorofLondon

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2012-08-08 08:16:49


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2012-08-04 07:49:30

@Bryan Clay

Ousted badminton player Wang scolds media

2012-08-03 18:22:22

Wang Xiaoli, one of the women's badminton doubles players disqualified from the London Olympics, scolded Xinhua News Agency on her Sina Weibo micro blog on Aug 2 for interviewing her elderly grandmother.

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2012-08-03 07:35:51

"Very harsh competition in sports, especially in the finals between teammates. Can they share the title?"

Weibo volley for badminton farce

2012-08-02 20:33:06

Eight women's badminton players were disqualified by the sport's governing body on Wednesday for trying to lose on purpose to secure favorable draw, while the hosts finally claimed their first gold medals at the London Games after four days of agonizing wait.

Ousted badminton player announces retirement

2012-08-02 13:25:25

Yu Yang, one of the two Chinese Olympic badminton players and eight overall who were disqualified for trying to lose their respective doubles matches, has announced she is quitting the sport.

Weibo celebrity calls for complaints to swimming coach

2012-08-02 13:19:24

Former Google China President Kai-Fu Lee posted on his micro blog how to contact a US swimming association official who had made doping allegations against Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen.

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