Athletes leave London after Olympics

2012-08-16 16:02:32

The day after a rollicking closing ceremony at Olympic stadium, the surrounding park appeared mostly empty in the morning, with just a handful of athletes going for a run, and the cleanup beginning slowly.

London hailed as greatest Games

2012-08-13 15:21:30

Olympic organizers brought down the curtain on a celebration of sport with a closing ceremony that was very British in its makeup and a final day of competition with more medals for the host nation.

US men win basketball gold

2012-08-13 15:21:30

The USA men's basketball team retained their Olympic title with a 107-100 win over Spain at the North Greenwich Arena in London.

London Olympic curtains close

2012-08-13 15:21:30

The closing ceremony, which lasted just over three hours, featured a Technicolor pageant of London landmarks, lightshows and lots of fun.

China celebrates the 200th gold

2012-08-11 11:31:26

China's 37th Olympic gold medal in the London Games was a significant one as it was the 200th gold medal for the country in its summer Olympic history.

London mayor 'refuses' Olympic handover

2012-08-11 11:12:57

It was only a replica Olympic flag which Mayor of London Boris Johnson refused to hand over to Eduardo Paes, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, on Friday, drawing laughter from the audience, but in one days' time the 2012 Games in the British capital will come to close, and the baton will have to be handed over for real.

Fans react as US wins soccer

2012-08-10 16:34:10

American fans were celebrating on Thursday night after the USA took gold in women's soccer in London.

Liu Xiang recovering after surgery

2012-08-10 15:29:12

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang is recovering in a London hospital after surgery on a torn Achilles tendon.

Fans react to Jamaican sweep of 200m

2012-08-10 15:29:12

Jamaican fans erupted with joy on Thursday evening after Usain Bolt and two of his countrymen swept the men's 200-meter race at the London Olympics.

Saudi woman makes Olympic history

2012-08-09 16:14:16

It's another first for Saudi Arabia sending a female athlete around the Olympic track.

London street food tempts visitors

2012-08-09 16:14:16

London boasts some 160 street markets - as well as thousands of stalls selling food inspired by recipes from around the globe.

London fulfills 'Greenest Games' hopes

2012-08-09 15:07:14

The Olympic site will become the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the games with many of the venues and infrastructure giving way to even more parkland as well as businesses and entertainment areas.

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