Volunteers find the world in their grasp

2012-08-12 10:20:23

Olympic volunteers find that the world is in their grasp.

Collecting memories and medals

2012-08-12 09:33:30

It is not just the athletes who have a passion for Olympic medals. Chen Hongkang has been collecting them for more than 35 years.

British man tries to swim from France to US

2012-07-31 16:28:57

A 34-year-old, unnamed London man was apparently so gripped by Olympic fever that he decided to swim from Biarritz, France to New York.

Family cheer on Wang's win in weightlifting match

2012-07-29 17:38:03

Wang Mingjuan's father and mother celebrate after Wang won the women 48Kg Group A weightlifting competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games in Yongzhou.

Chinese cycles to London to promote Olympics

2012-07-29 16:25:12

Chen Guanming, who cycled from China to London, poses for a photograph in front of his rickshaw in Chinatown, central London, July 28, 2012.

Future Olympians

2012-07-29 09:25:21

These children could be the next Li Ning, Guo Jingjing, Muhammad Ali, Aaron Cook and Matthias Stainer.

Former Chinese Olympians write down Olympic wishes

2012-07-27 19:52:33

Just before the London Olympics Games is to begin, former Chinese Olympic winners wrote down their best wishes for the Games, as well as cheered on current athletes.

Games popular among urbanites 

2012-07-24 07:44:40

More than half of urban respondents in China said they are interested in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Chinese girl volunteering at London Olympics

2012-07-23 17:56:04

Liu Mu, a girl from Harbin, is one of many Chinese volunteers working for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, and she works at the London Games' media operation department.

My Olympic Story

2012-07-16 10:43:20

Are you expecting to watch the Games in London? Are you working for the Olympics or serving as a volunteer? Or are you just a spectator somewhere beyond London? Do you have experiences from the previous Olympics? Why not share your Olympic stories with our readers as the countdown to the London Olympics gets underway?

Chinese people taste different side of Olympics

2012-07-09 17:43:40

Snatching top prizes in the London Olympics is the number one task for Chinese athletes, but the concerns of Chinese people have gradually transferred from prizes to the charm of sporting competition.

Chinese volunteer prepares for Olympics

2012-04-17 20:43:00

Song has extensive volunteering experience in a number of domestic and international sports games.

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