No retirement for Chen Yibing

2012-08-30 17:44:44

Olympic champion gymnast Chen Yibing said he will continue to compete after a controversial officiating decision at the London Olympics cost him dearly.

Olympic gold medalists cash in on their success

2012-08-22 17:08:47

Gold medalists of the London Olympics welcome a new round of harvest back to China, including a large sum of bonus money as well as high appearance fees in commercial opportunites.

Chinese Olympic athletes honored in Beijing

2012-08-18 07:50:25

The head of the Chinese Olympic delegation praised the nation's athletes for achieving outstanding results during the London Games during a summary and commendation conference.

Brash Qiu looks forward to Rio

2012-08-14 07:57:53

"I am not a machine or robot, but I will come back stronger," Qiu Bo declared.

Liu Xiang returns to China after surgery

2012-08-14 16:59:19

Liu Xiang is expected to be away from training for at least six months.

Olympic heroes receive warm welcome

2012-08-14 16:10:54

China's Olympic athletes and their coaches have been greeted by large crowds as they returned from London to Beijing.


Youth has its say as new age dawns

2012-08-14 03:11:47

Chinese Olympians have been stars on and off the track at the London Games and have buried the image of reluctant heroes who perform feats of wonder but shy away from publicity.

Olympic moments to remember

2012-08-13 13:26:10

Success is not always measured by gold. Tibetan Cheyang Sigya's obvious joy as she claims the bronze medal in the women's 20km walk was one such example, as was the synchronized swimmers claiming silver.

Liu Xiang's recovery is good, says Chinese delegation chief

2012-08-13 09:38:51

Liu Xiang is in good recovery after he underwent a surgery on his right foot, Chinese delegation chief Liu Peng said on Sunday.

China loses men's platform diving titles in two Olympics

2012-08-13 03:07:49

Diving giants China tasted its second defeat in the men's 10m platform at London Olympics on Saturday as world champion Qiu Bo was beaten by American David Boudia in the last attempt.

China cheers for 1st Tibetan Olympic medalist

2012-08-12 21:28:30

22-year-old Choeyang Kyi has etched her name into history as China's first Tibetan Olympic medalist.

China's badminton sweep marred by scandal

2012-08-12 15:28:29

The London Games badminton tournament was rocked by the biggest scandal to hit the sport in its 20-year Olympic history.

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