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  • Pressure on Camacho to get results

    2011-08-18 12:02

    After replacing energetic Gao, Spaniard needs to hit the ground running as new coach of the China nation team.

  • Time Chinese women realize they are truly beautiful

    2011-07-28 08:02

    I fit the typical American mold: I'm vain, facetious and mildly obsessed when it comes to matters of appearance. I calorie count and annually attempt short-lived bursts of extreme workouts - but can polish off a "Philly cheesesteak" like a professional. Now entering my senior year of college, I'm no stranger to constant body comparisons and waif-thin girls who whine, "I'm so fat," as they guiltily shovel low-fat frozen yogurt into their mouths.

  • A 'mistress' just means more work

    2011-06-09 09:48

    Wives know that playing away will result in having one more mouth to feed -- literally.

  • Here come the 'hutongsters'

    2011-06-08 07:32

    Forget the wrecking ball. Beijing's historic hutong need saving not from the demolition crew but from the ever-increasing number of Western hipsters who believe they are living the latest vogue.

  • Powering up the lure of e-cars

    2011-06-07 08:03

    Giving incentives to potential buyers is a good start, but there's more to be done

  • Putting a new face on metrosexuality

    2011-06-02 08:04

    Meeting up with my sister is always a merry occasion, but during our last encounter she hit me with a real sidewinder. "Look at the skin on your face, all unnaturally yellow and greasy," she said as soon as she set eyes on me.

  • Nurture new habits to beat nature

    2011-06-01 08:28

    If authorities can make rain, why can't they stop more people jumping lines?

  • Running the risk in alley traffic

    2011-05-31 07:42

    We need to stop drivers who try to squeeze past pedestrians in capital's narrow lanes

  • Yang's lawsuit on the right track

    2011-05-30 07:55

    Rail commuter's complaint over sale of dining car tickets is petty, but equally valid

  • Getting love off to the best start

    2011-05-26 07:59

    Are first impressions indelible? The first time I met the man who eventually became my husband was in the Clark Hatch gym at the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel. It was the 1980s and since there were no movies or shopping, pedaling on a stationary bicycle to Madonna's Like a Virgin was the height of entertainment at the time. Lucky for him I was wearing the same short-shorts popular with NBA players and Jane Fonda aerobic devotees, but unlucky for me no makeup.

  • City has all the right credentials

    2011-05-25 07:52

    Has Beijing become a true global metropolis? If professor Ren Yuan at Fudan University's school of social development and public policy is to be believed, both here and Shanghai lack even international stature.

  • Sex show brings art into question

    2011-05-24 07:57

    Debate over performer's controversial work says more about society than he does

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