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Chinese PV firms face uncertainties

Updated: 2012-09-04 09:55
( Xinhua)

Based in Hebei Province, Jinglong Industry and Commerce Group Co Ltd has nearly 30,000 staff, and most of them were born in the 1980s and 1990s. The deputy general manager An Zengxian told Xinhua that unemployment among young people will be on the rise, which may result in demonstrations, protests and other extreme actions.

Elsewhere, in east China's Jiangsu Province, the Yongyiyuan PV Technology Company has reduced staff by two-thirds.

"We only receive orders so that we can keep the major technical workers at the company," said Pian Yong, chairman of the company.

Call for dialogues

Chinese industry insiders said that price advantages, outstanding management modes and forward-looking strategies in the field have made Chinese PV companies competitively stronger in the world market.

Liu said some of the EU competitors filing an anti-dumping complaint about Chinese PV companies are attempting to transfer their own risks caused by backward management and production.

So far, the ACFIC is negotiating with relevant organizations from the EU. Trade war cannot solve the problem, but negotiation will be the only way, or the two sides will be affected, Zeng said.x On August 30, after co-chairing the second round of Chinese-German inter-governmental consultations, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel suggested that the European Commission and China should try to resolve the issue through communication, rather than by resorting to anti-dumping proceedings.

Premier Wen echoed Merkel's stance, and said consultations are an effective tool for working out trade disputes.

On September 1, Shen Danyang, the spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce urged China and Germany work together to promote negotiations for a proper solution.

Shen said the EU should listen to opinions from all parties and carry out the promise of avoiding any new form of protectionism at the G20 Los Cabos summit, and that the EU should not implement any trade protectionist measures against Chinese products.

However, Chinese PV companies are still worried about the uncertain situation as no concrete measures have been taken from the European side.

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