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  • Spice spirit

    2008-05-26 10:44

    You'll be reminded of the ubiquity of chili in Sichuan cuisine by the peppery aroma that tickles the nostrils as you enter this stylish restaurant.

  • Hear from a legend

    2008-05-30 10:54

    Legend provides essentially Sichuan cuisine. The chef has opted for classic, yet exquisite dishes, largely embracing the traditional but with a few forays into more novel gastronomic territory.

  • Cantonese breeze

    2008-07-03 11:37

    With several locations in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and now Shanghai, the Sweet Dynasty is undoubtedly a popular place to sample classic Cantonese style food.

  • Have a try of classic Cantonese cuisine

    2008-09-19 11:23

    Although Shanghai is home to a wide array of domestic Chinese delicacies, traditional Cantonese restaurants may not reap as many benefits of word-of-mouth exposure as their Sichuan cousins.

  • 2008 Autumn/Winter Food Fair in Shanghai

    2008-09-19 17:26

    A model with coloured pattern on her back helps to recommend at a booth of Sichuan cuisine during 2008 Autumn/Winter Food Fair in Shanghai.

  • Beijing Jasmine

    2008-10-27 09:10

    When the Beijing fashion set want to wine and dine, there's one place that rates highly on their list-Beijing Jasmine.

  • Southern comfort

    2008-10-30 14:02

    Although the dishes might seem a bit "traditional", Jingtai Palace is in the list of the better restaurants.

  • Zen fun

    2008-11-12 14:27

    I had been to ZEN a couple of times before, but in different locations around Shanghai.

  • Enjoy upscale Cantonese cuisine

    2008-11-24 10:29

    One of the five star Shanghai Grand Hyatt's dining concepts inside the 88 floor Jin Mao tower, Canton occupies the whole 55th floor, with dining areas and private rooms circling the building’s central elevators.

  • Where to find Beijing's young elite

    2008-11-27 09:17

    Danny Wang was not the first to feel it his "duty" to introduce Chinese food to the West. However, as owner of LAN he was perhaps among the first to introduce Chinese to West dining.

  • Best dim sum in Beijing

    2008-12-11 10:14

    Boasting an understated décor and extensive menu, East Ocean Restaurant remains a favorite among university students who live in the area.

  • Doctors say the best baaa none

    2008-12-15 14:05

    Lamb, considered "warmly replenishing" by traditional Chinese medicine doctors, is the best food to beat Beijing's chilly winter wind.

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