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  • Yao Chi Chinese Restaurant

    2008-12-17 15:36

    The Millennium Grand Hotel sits at the northern edge of the world trade plaza, where the days are all hustle and bustle, but the nights give way to an empty calm.

  • Jin Bao Jie: eat street of golden treasures

    2008-12-22 14:26

    Jinbao Jie has been known as a hotel street because of the four and five star hotels assembled along it. But now it has also become a nice food street.

  • Snakes alive

    2008-12-29 16:39

    Da Heng Jiu Jia is a traditional home-style restaurant offering Cantonese cuisine, including seafood, dim sum and nutritious soups as well as popular other dishes, such as Peking roast duck, hot pot, lamb rolls, seafood and mushrooms.

  • Healthy breakfast to-go

    2009-02-01 14:59

    Last weekend I heard a mother of four talk about her creative ideas for making healthy meals for her big family.

  • Tasty source of meat, drink and snacks

    2009-01-21 08:02

    The popularity of beef can be witnessed at Yoshinoya, where a simple dish of sliced beef and onions with rice is the choice of many customers. Beef is a regular part of Chinese cuisine. It's considered nutritious and tasty.

  • Spring into the 'Niu' year

    2009-01-24 12:19

    Restaurants will be really busy during the holiday season, especially on Sunday, Spring Festival Eve. So it's advisable to book your table in advance.It also offers Spring Festival takeaway gift baskets and you can even organize for a chef to cook for you at home.  China World Center branch: 6505-6139; Wangfujing branch: 6559-7671.

  • Best of the brunch

    2009-04-13 10:30

    A slap-up meal is a wonderful, self-indulgent way to start a lazy Sunday. If you're in the mood to treat yourself, plenty of places in Beijing will help treat your taste buds and fill you up.

  • Staying true to their roots

    2010-05-08 09:23

    The Chinese are widespread throughout the world, and where there are people, there's food. Pauline D Loh looks at how they eat Chinese in Adelaide, currently host of the country's most prestigious food festival

  • Pot luck!

    2010-03-13 10:13

    Hot pots in China come with a vast variety of soups and ingredients. Pauline D Loh looks at this unique way of feasting together

  • Diners' best picks

    2009-06-19 09:56

    According to a survey by the Da Zhong Dian Ping website, hot pot is Beijingers' top choice and the average bill for eating out in the capital.

  • Effervescent afternoon uncorks fun

    2010-04-09 09:41

    Hilton Beijing Wangfujing's Champagne brunch bubbles over with delicacies.

  • Food that 'touches the heart'

    2010-03-20 07:34

    Drinking tea and eating little snacks called dim-sum is a way of life for Cantonese. Pauline D Loh examines 'yum-cha' culture

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