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  • Food for the season

    2011-05-21 09:59

    It's been a really short spring and according to the Chinese almanac, summer is here. Pauline D. Loh looks at some healthy recipes for that change in season.

  • Delicacies:Nanjing and Hong Kong

    2011-05-30 13:15

    The cuisine of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, is more famous for its "small eats" than its main courses. These streetside snacks are about as famous as the city itself, which was the center of government for six ancient dynasties, the earliest dating back to the Three Kingdoms from AD 220-280.

  • Lotus leaf wrap helps serve up bundle of joy

    2011-06-07 13:47

    The zongzi rice dumpling is not the only famous Chinese food wrapped in leaves. Bundled in a package of scented lotus leaf, nuomiji, or sticky rice chicken, is a must if you are hungry for dim sum in Guangdong province.

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