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  • Classic bites at golden castle

    2012-09-03 14:12

    Get in a car and head to the Golden Castle in the depths of Yuen Long's countryside. The restaurant is a throwback to the early days of Hong Kong fusion food.

  • Camilla Chinese Cuisine Beijing

    2012-08-13 18:22

    Teochew culture is an important part of Chinese culture, which mixed with traditional Cantonese, central Chinese and overseas culture together and growth into Teochew unique characters.

  • Authentic Cantonese roasts travel north

    2012-07-30 13:08

    Cantonese cuisine is world-renowned. If you are looking for a convenient, comfortable place to have a try, Hengshan Cafe is a good choice.

  • A taste of Cantonese cuisine at Wu Li Xiang

    2012-07-09 15:11

    Wu Li Xiang restaurant’s Chinese Executive Chef Kam Siew Ton from Malaysia is providing a brand new menu full of his legendary Cantonese dishes.

  • Mix-and-match munchies come from plenty of places

    2012-04-07 17:08

    The newly opened De Yue Ting Cantonese Restaurant (Tak's Cantonese Cuisine) represents the regional mix-and-match that's burgeoning in Beijing's food scene.

  • Enjoy new dim sums at Sun Palace

    2011-10-22 18:43

    Enjoy a relaxing weekend with family and friends after a hectic week. A value selection of dim sums offered at Sun Palace, from prawn dumplings and shaomai to Cantonese starters and selection of congee.

  • Global gastronomy dishes it out

    2011-10-08 13:07

    China's tables keep turning toward the world, as a slew of foreign food restaurants are dishing out their finest fare in the country's capital and beyond.

  • Stir-fried radish cake with XO sauce

    2011-08-30 17:25

    Cantonese style stir-fried radish cake with XO sauce, made by Sou Chef Chen from The Horizon of Shangri-La's Kerry Center Hotel.

  • Fook Lam Moon

    2011-08-12 15:06

    An introduction to Fook Lam Moon in Beijing.

  • Chang An Kuang Gou Restaurant

    2011-08-12 09:57

    An introduction to Chang An Kuang Gou Restaurant in Beijing.

  • Mr. Abalone

    2011-08-12 09:53

    An introduction to Mr. Abalone in Beijing,

  • Yan Can Cook

    2011-08-11 17:00

    An introduction to Yan Can Cook in Beijing.

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