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  • Eat in Hong Kong

    2011-02-15 17:11

    To truly taste authentic Hong Kong food, luxurious hotels are not necessary and neither are the expensive shark fins and abalones.

  • Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken

    2009-11-20 10:42

    Ingredients: 1 fat chicken, around 1.5kg 1 tsp Sichuan peppercorns 2-3 star anise 2 tbsp sea salt 1 tbsp ground dried ginger (sha jiang) 1 kg rock salt

  • Fit for a president

    2009-11-20 10:53

    While the United States president's maiden China visit is now history, restaurants across Beijing still have Barack Obama fever. Chefs have rustled up a feast fit for the president to mark the event.

  • Snake charmers

    2010-11-21 10:14

    In winter, there is nothing like a bowl of snake soup to warm up the body. Donna Mah explains why this unusual delicacy is good for you.

  • Where's the beef? It's no mystery

    2010-11-29 09:10

    Some books tell you what sort of food you should eat, based on your blood type. I once found out I am supposed to be vegetarian, a fact I found difficult to swallow, especially after I tasted my first bowl of beef brisket in clear broth at Kau Kee on Gough Street. I remember thinking: "This is one of those things I would find very hard to give up."

  • Forget fusion, for Shanghai cai, old school is best

    2009-11-28 10:39

    What irritates me is the sudden new wealth restaurants are finding in the simple act of calling themselves a "fusion" restaurant.

  • For a potful of warmth

    2009-12-04 09:13

    Food evokes happy memories, and we often seek solace in the food of our early childhood, especially if we are stressed, temporarily out of love or thawing from the frigid cold of an unfriendly winter.

  • Hong Kong-Satisfy a sweet tooth

    2011-03-30 13:33

    While it's true that dessert is not the highlight on most Chinese menus, there are certainly lots of choices for modern and more traditional Chinese-style desserts available here, and now.

  • Restaurants-Italian sale

    2009-11-07 10:37

    Piazza Italia gives discounts from 20-50 percent on its first floor store.
    Meat & Wine extends its 60th anniversary celebration of New China promotions until Nov 30.
    For the price of 108 yuan, one can choose from 50 kinds of Cantonese dim sum and appetizers every Saturday and Sunday lunch time at Zen 1903, prepared by the Hong Kong chef.

  • Top10 Chinese food restaurants in Shanghai

    2011-03-07 14:06

    Dynasty is known as one of Shanghai's top Cantonese restaurants with centuries-old history. It boasts the some high level chefs who often serve the visiting heads of stated at special banquets.

  • Hong Kong: Delectable dumplings

    2011-04-19 10:43

    One of my favorite dumplings of all time is what is commonly known as the little soup dumpling, or xiaolongbao.
    As a child abroad, I enjoyed the times when my mother would steam some of these frozen goodies bought from the freezer section of the local Chinese grocery. She always told us to be very careful while eating these little parcels as they were filled with hot soup and could easily scald us. We tried to listen, but they were so tempting, we often did just what she told us not to.

  • Local dishes: Beijing and Hong Kong

    2011-05-09 15:17

    A nice, comfortable restaurant offering safe home-style food may be a better place to celebrate Mother's Day than an expensive posh five-star buffet. At least, you won't have your mother nagging you about the costs. Take her to Kai Xiao Zao - a little restaurant that's just opened, and whose owners are very modest about delivering the goods.

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