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Boom in online food sales2012-06-18 10:16

The recent seven-episode documentary series A Bite of China stirred up a wave of culinary curiosity about buying snacks online. Many in the audience were impressed by the series and rushed to Taobao to search for the food featured after each episode ended.

Dumpling tales and traditions2012-06-25 09:40

Almost all Chinese festivals are linked to foods, and many have stories behind them. The origin of zongzi is most often linked to Qu Yuan.

Traditional ties that bind2012-06-25 09:32

For those Chinese live in other countries, Duanwu is a yearly tradition. Pauline D. Loh explores the links between heart and home.

Duanwu's cultural message2012-06-25 09:29

What does Dragon Boat Festival mean? That may be of little concern to those who spend this traditional festival in their own particular way.

Food fight2012-06-04 14:44

An international competition crowns kings of the kitchen, while also drawing record crowds with its carnival-like atmosphere.

Where there is food, there is a camera2012-06-03 10:53

A Bite of China, a seven-episode food documentary broadcast on CCTV, whetted appetites in China's blogosphere. This group of pictures shows how food was traced by the production team.

Documentary stirs national pride in its culinary arts2012-05-30 10:54

Thanks to A Bite of China, food has become the latest source of pride for the nation.

Online ham sales piggyback on series' success2012-05-30 10:39

CCTV documentary 'A Bite of China' has triggered an online-shopping craze for food.

The lure of cured foods2012-05-30 09:50

"Time can be the best friend of food, or a deadly enemy." So starts the fourth episode of A Bite of China, a documentary broadcast recently on CCTV.

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