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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

A selfless act from pair who have nothing

[2007-06-27 07:24]

Five days after the June 15 bridge collapse that led to four vehicles falling into a river causing at least five deaths and leaving two men missing in Foshan, Guangdong Province, a story of selfless heroism emerged.

Brick kilns: Where were authorities?

[2007-06-20 07:05]

None of the synonyms for "anger" is strong enough to express the public's fury at the crimes committed by some brick kiln owners in Shanxi Province. As reported by the media last week, they had abducted children, forced them into slave labor, beat them and imprisoned them in the brickyards.

Time to defend teachers

[2007-06-13 07:01]

"There have never been students that cannot be taught to be good, but there are teachers who fail in teaching the students." I don't know who coined this paradox but I think that person might be condemned by history.

Officials need to read in order to lead

[2007-06-06 07:00]

A recent survey on government officials' "reading habits" found that engagement in work and social functions leaves them little time to read.

How can people be so cruel?

[2007-05-23 07:05]

A 16-year-old girl killed herself last Friday in Shenyang after being humiliated by the manager of a grocery, where she stole a piece of bread out of hunger.

Our officials have speech problems

[2007-05-16 09:05]

A photo published by Chinese newspapers and websites has triggered widespread anger at some government officials' obsession with power to the extent of losing even the minimum empathy.

Road signs should be made clearer

[2007-05-09 07:16]

The construction of high-speed expressways has greatly accelerated since 2001.

Put guard not customer in danger

[2007-04-25 06:57]

After I wrote a column last week commenting on the killing of a bank customer by a security guard in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, some readers wondered what happened after the shooting.

Human life worth more than a straw

[2007-04-18 06:47]

A customer was killed in a bank by a security guard when he tried to leave the bank in defiance of the cordon surrounding an armored car waiting at the gate to transport cash.

Time to shine light on tax evaders

[2007-04-11 07:01]

The State Administration of Taxation failed to announce the final statistics on high earners' reporting their income by yesterday as promised. The announcement was postponed once again.

Tax a matter to scratch our heads

[2007-03-28 09:48]

The authorities decided last Friday to tax prizes from scratch-and-win receipts if the prize exceeds 800 yuan ($100).

In defense of individual's right to die

[2007-03-21 11:19]

Sometimes, cherishing life can be cruel. Denying the right to suicide, for instance.

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