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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

Retail tricksters only fool themselves

[2011-02-16 07:55]

A Beijing woman recently bought a cell phone for 4,800 yuan ($728) at a well-known up-market shopping mall, but her husband later found that particular model sold for between 440 and 600 yuan in other outlets.

Good deed reveals our true nature

[2011-01-19 07:59]

My last column, published two weeks ago, lamented the social phenomenon of people being reluctant to offer a helping hand to senior citizens who fall and injure themselves in the street.

Need to protect our Good Samaritans

[2011-01-05 07:45]

After falling in a downtown street and lying on the cold pavement, face down, for half an hour, during which no passers-by moved to help him, an 83-year-old man died. Hearing this story, what would you call this society? Cold-hearted?

A problem of calculating compensation

[2010-12-22 08:06]

Finally the "nail household" that has blocked the construction of a vitally important arterial road in Beijing for four years is gone.

Getting to know China's reality

[2010-10-20 07:56]

My last column commented on some people's arguments for safeguarding passengers' privacy in their opposition to surveillance cameras being installed in taxis.

Taxi cams, privacy and obligations

[2010-09-29 07:50]

The decision of the government of Wuhu, Anhui province, to install video cameras inside the city's taxis to prevent possible crimes against the driver has triggered a wave of debates in the Chinese media.

Road tragedies scream for ethics and rules

[2010-09-15 07:55]

The nation has been shocked by the tragic death of a 3-year-old boy who was run over by a luxury car more than once and by the driver's behavior.

Going the extra mile to university

[2010-09-01 07:51]

Every year at this time, the media gives copious coverage to the phenomenon of clusters of adults escorting their newly enrolled children to university.

Ideals certainly make a difference

[2010-06-23 07:43]

Nowadays, if anyone claims that he is "fighting to liberate the human race", he will be dismissed as an eccentric old fogy.

Unions must protect, not placate

[2010-06-10 06:45]

Nearly 1,200 members of the Shenzhen Trade Union, who were dispatched to assuage aggrieved employees at Foxconn's factory in the city's Longhua district, showed "good progress" after eight days of effort, the Chinese media reported on Monday.

Work toward fighting social injustice

[2010-05-26 07:51]

Two separate series of incidents that happened in recent months have had the effect of shocking the nation.

Airlines need to buck up service levels

[2010-05-12 07:54]

Angry over repeated flight delays, fliers last Friday resorted to violence, attacking staff at the Baiyun airport in Guangzhou and causing damage to some facilities.

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