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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

No leniency for violatorsof traffic law

[2009-08-05 07:53]

In the traffic accident that killed seven people and left one seriously injured in Beijing last week, some vehicles played an important part in the death of one of the victims by blocking the emergency lane and delaying the arrival of an ambulance.

How to make a clean sweep of waste handling

[2009-07-29 07:54]

The Beijing municipal government launched a campaign last week for better disposal of the 18,410 tons of domestic refuse the city generates every day.

Strong case for banning extra classes

[2009-07-22 07:58]

My granddaughter envies her younger cousin for the boy has gone to the countryside with his ayi or housemaid for the summer vacation, while the fifth-grade primary school pupil has to stay in the city to attend extra-curricular classes. The boy has not been enrolled in school yet, though he has finished his kindergarten "pre-school education".

One's heart goes out to teachers in rural areas

[2009-07-08 07:43]

Yesterday's People's Daily carried a moving photograph: a woman pushing a tricycle in the rain. She was drenched but the goods on the vehicle were well covered by plastic sheets. A placard hung on the handle read: "I buy reading materials, magazines and auxiliary teaching materials for primary school students."

Accident law leaves a lot to be desired

[2009-07-01 07:52]

If a man riding a tricycle bumps into your car parked legally on the roadside and dies of the injury sustained, and police tell you that you should pay part compensation to the man's family, what would you think?

Blocking Net info all about saving youth

[2009-06-24 07:55]

After Internet authorities asked Google to stop disseminating pornographic images and information on its Chinese service website last week, a section of Western media reacted strongly and suggested the Chinese government's move was a "cover for detecting and blocking sensitive political content".

It's so hard to help the elderly now

[2009-06-17 07:46]

What will you do when you see an old person falling to the ground? Your first reaction may be helping him/her up. Hold on, you may get yourself into trouble. The old man or woman may grasp you by your arm and claim that you pushed him/her down. If the old person has broken his/her arms or legs, you will have to pay handsomely.

Where do officials do their jobs?

[2009-06-10 07:58]

The People's Daily reported on Monday that the Hubei provincial disciplinary authorities had recently issued a notice forbidding Communist Party and government officials from visiting "business-oriented entertainment venues". The notice comes in the wake of a waitress killing of an official, avowedly to protect herself from rape, in Badong county in the province.

Kids should study less, play more

[2009-06-03 07:46]

My granddaughter, 10, was very happy the day before yesterday because her mother and the mother of one of her classmates took them to a park and a Pizza Hut to celebrate Children's Day. For a whole day, the two girls played heartily -- no homework, no extra-curricular skills training.

See-through mechanism for officials

[2009-05-27 07:38]

In an interview with China Daily published yesterday, a professor from the Party School of the Communist Party of China Central Committee said that government and Party officials found responsible for major accidents should never be promoted again "unless they make extraordinary contributions to society in their new positions."

Public mood is never to be ignored

[2009-05-20 07:41]

Two incidents that happened recently have caused a sensation across the country.

Corruption as food for thought

[2009-04-29 07:44]

The People's Daily on Monday reported a decision of the Party School of the Hubei provincial committee prohibiting its students from using public money to treat each other to feasts.

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