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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

Letting the young learn from life

[2008-05-07 07:17]

Chinese youths who live, study and work in Western and other foreign countries surprised the world last month when they staged rallies to roar their anger at the Western media's biased reports about the situation in Tibet and the Beijing Olympic Games.

How they helped fire young hearts

[2008-04-23 07:26]

Thousands of Chinese rallied over the weekend in Paris, London and Los Angeles, protesting some Western media organizations' distortion of facts in Tibet and their hostile attitudes to China's hosting of the Olympic Games. During the protests, many Chinese students, especially girls, wept.

Kind lessons for robber and society

[2008-04-16 07:27]

A media report last week of how an elderly woman foiled a robbery attempt and even saved the wounded burglar's life has triggered debates among netizens.

Quality of translations deteriorating

[2008-04-09 07:27]

Translation used to be a serious academic endeavor but now it has become a heavily market-oriented industry, and one in great disorder.

A reaction to ideological pressure

[2008-04-02 20:40]

In the angry protests sweeping across cyberspace against certain Western media outlets' distortion of the facts in the Lhasa riots, Chinese netizens repeatedly posted a slogan that had been forgotten in China for nearly 30 years: "Down with imperialism!"

A response to readers' comments

[2008-03-26 07:13]

My column in last week's issue of this newspaper triggered an intense response from readers, who posted their comments online. My sincere thanks go to them all, whether proponents or opponents, whose remarks enlightened me in different ways and on different levels.

A case of getting the facts right

[2008-03-19 07:30]

Youths' Reference, a Beijing-based newspaper, reprinted an article from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) which criticizes Chinese people for their loathing of the Western media's negative reports about their country.

Real function of the CPPCC

[2008-03-12 07:20]

The three bills submitted by an industrialist member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) triggered heated debate among netizens and media critics across the country.

All hail China's new job-seekers

[2008-02-27 07:24]

Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, held its first labor fair of the lunar new year a few days ago, but the job-seekers gathered there appeared not to be as enthusiastic as their counterparts of years past. For the first time, the number of job-hunters fell far short of the number of vacancies advertised at the fair: 4,000 versus 7,000.

Challenging a medical statement

[2008-02-20 07:20]

It is commonly acknowledged in China that seeing a doctor is expensive and is one of the three heaviest burdens shouldered by the common people - the others being children's education and housing. Nobody would argue against this. But an important person said that seeing doctors in China is "the least expensive" in the world.

Chinese defy natural calamities

[2008-02-04 07:13]

It was a disaster for the whole nation. It was a challenge to the Chinese people's willpower. We have stood the test and will triumph over it, though not without paying a price.

Take tickets out of reach of scalpers

[2008-01-23 07:20]

"The goal is to make 150,000 yuan ($20,000) before Spring Festival."

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