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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

Thieves of the State's coal fields

[2008-01-16 07:40]

During the trial of suspects believed to be responsible for a mine blast that killed 105 people on December 5 last year in Hongtong county, Shanxi province, one suspect revealed that the main investor of the coal mine had received more than 100 million yuan ($13.3 million) in profit from the mine in less than three years.

Courage for speaking up commended

[2008-01-09 07:32]

The detention of a school headmaster after an incident with a top local official about two weeks ago in Suide County, Shaanxi Province, has sparked widespread public and media criticism across the country over the abuse of power by the local administrative authorities.

Time to put a stop to these feasts

[2007-12-26 07:32]

It's year-end. All restaurants have become extremely busy, with every available parking space around them occupied. Toasting each other at the huge round tables in specially reserved rooms are government officials and company managers with blank checks prepared to "entertain for business purposes".

Appraisals need a fresh look

[2007-12-12 07:41]

As year draws to an end, employees in many, if not all, work units begin to get nervous. Companies and government organizations start to sack employees graded last in their work performance assessments. The policy is commonly known as "eliminating the last-graded (ELG)".

Laws have element of sympathy

[2007-12-05 06:59]

In the judgment of a case involving the death of a teenage girl, a Beijing court sympathized with the sufferings of the victim's family. The girl was killed by a bus conductor.

Laws need better understanding

[2007-11-28 07:10]

When a pregnant woman suffering from dystocia needed a Caesarean section to save her life, her husband refused to sign the "operation agreement". The doctors and nurses could not carry out the operation and had to take protective measures to ease the woman's agony as much as possible.

Rape of human dignity

[2007-11-21 07:10]

Commercial businesses like to call their clients "God" and label all their sales tricks with the slogan "You are sure of our sincere service". Beware! Never regard yourself as a "God". For, in the minds of many business owners, nothing but the money in your wallet is their true "God".

Instilling a sense of shame

[2007-11-14 07:17]

A 17-year-old high school student raped six girls within a three-month period in Guangxi. Four of the girls were younger than 14 years old. The boy confessed that he was "influenced by porn movies" he watched online. However, an expert in the region said the boy "might have suffered from psychological pressure and had no way to release his sexual desires, hence the consequences."

A lack of education breeds apathy

[2007-11-07 07:19]

A few days ago, a man in his 70s was knocked down and beaten by two thieves he was trying to stop on a street in Baoding, Hebei Province. Though many people witnessed the incident, none of them interceded on behalf of 74-year-old Zhao Zhendong. Eventually, three passersby who were roughly Zhao's age stepped in to fight the thugs and ultimately subdued them.

Jobs for college graduates

[2007-10-31 07:23]

As millions of newly graduated college students enter the labor market every year, jobs have become more difficult to obtain. Some graduates have raised the question: "Is there a solution?"

Messages of hope for working class

[2007-10-24 07:25]

For the grassroot masses, the policies-setting report delivered at the once-every-five-year national congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is probably too multifarious and too macro-sounding to study.

Metro line 5 a tangible benefit

[2007-10-17 07:19]

The opening of the No 5 metro line and the slashing of the fare by a third to 2 yuan are a tangible benefit for Beijing's commuters.

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