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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

Railway ticket prices need gov't control

[2007-03-14 06:26]

China's nearly three decades' drive to reform and develop its economy has yielded, in addition to the remarkable growth of wealth, a pool of celebrated economists. They are interpreting, with old and new theories, various phenomena that happened during the transition from the State-planned economy to the market economy.

Shamed by a little girl's red lanterns

[2007-03-07 07:05]

An 11-year-old girl shamed us adults as media reported yesterday that she presented small red lanterns in appreciation to those on a bus who gave up their seats to the elderly and to mothers carrying babies.

Why cherish our Lunar New Year

[2007-02-28 07:15]

Despite worries over the increasing interest Chinese youngsters have demonstrated in Western festivals like Christmas and Valentine's Day, the Lunar New Year's Day, or Spring Festival, still appeared, in the seven-day holiday last week, to be the happiest, coziest and most meaningful occasion of the year for Chinese people.

'Original sin' of a wealthy entrepreneur

[2007-02-14 07:10]

"Your life isn't worth the cost of the scratch on the side mirror of my car," yells a luxury sedan driver to a sanitation worker, holding the worker by the collar. He then presses the woman to kneel on the ground.

Send spoiled kids to do manual work

[2007-02-07 06:59]

A couple of parents in Sichuan Province sent their college undergraduate son to a construction site to do manual labor during this winter vacation in an attempt to let the young man know "what hardship is".

Traffic laws need sane enforcement

[2007-01-31 07:26]

Maintenance of a good social order depends on observation of rules and norms by all members of society. Violations should be punished. But maintaining order should focus on preventing offenses rather than on punishing them.

Drivers need road tests and manners

[2007-01-24 06:56]

Managers of motor vehicle training schools are very pleased these days. People are coming in hordes to learn driving skills though winter is usually an off-season for these coaching schools.

Local officials stupidly ban solar energy

[2007-01-17 07:32]

The People's Daily carried a letter yesterday from a few citizens of Yexian County, Henan Province, complaining about the county government's banning solar powered water heaters in their community - a residential area called Xinxin Garden.

Down with wasteful destruction

[2007-01-10 06:30]

A 20-story tower was brought down by a controlled blast on Saturday in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Improve knowledge of Chinese, other cultures

[2006-12-27 06:36]

It takes some courage to make certain statements these days. For example, to say you support the closure of some cyber cafes, or to say that universities are right in banning couples from public displays of affection on campus, or to express your repulsion at the millions of fans who are obsessed with pop stars. You will surely be chided if you hold these opinions.

A long way to go to make dreams a reality

[2006-12-20 08:46]

A Chinese media outlet splashed the sensational headline, "Blatter dashes China's hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup," yesterday, drawing widespread attention.

Price hikes should bring benefit to our farmers

[2006-12-13 06:34]

The price of food has risen again.

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