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Liu Shinan

Liu Shinan is China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief. He writes commentaries on social and cultural issues.

Fame addicts scorn public social norms

[2006-08-09 05:50]

As a newspaper employee, I read columns in other newspapers and try to learn something from them in my attempt to write my own columns. I always wondered privately if there is a knack for column writing but never found any. Recently, however, I discovered a trick to some columnists' writings.

Valentines, Qixi battle for Chinese hearts

[2006-08-02 06:21]

A flurry of excitement passed through the nation's columnists and bloggers over the past few days.

Universities have right to manage visitors

[2006-07-26 11:12]

Peking University recently announced that it will deny entry to tour groups of primary school pupils and adult tourists, but will continue to allow groups of middle school students to visit.

Help rural students get education

[2006-07-19 06:33]

Two farmers in Shanxi Province committed suicide recently, both because they could not afford their children's college fees, according to Chinese media reports on Monday.

Chinese football fans face long wait for glory

[2006-07-12 06:11]

China has the most dedicated football fans in the world, though one of the most disappointing teams.

It's important to honour promises

[2006-07-05 06:02]

A story told by a friend of mine who recently returned from Australia set me thinking for quite a while.

Hysterical commentator scores massive own goal

[2006-06-28 07:22]

For Chinese football fans who sat up until 1 am yesterday morning to watch the play-off between Italy and Australia, the most amusing part of the live broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) was neither the lacklustre playing nor the last-minute goal, but the CCTV commentator's hysterical hailing of Italy's victory.

Youngsters must know importance of hard work

[2006-06-21 06:25]

In my column last week, I criticised the overindulgent care Chinese parents lavish on their kids as typically demonstrated in the national examination for college entrance.

We must stop pampering children

[2006-06-14 06:04]

I remember reading a report by a Western journalist 26 years ago about the early days of China's reform. I have forgotten the reporter's name and the title of the publication he worked for, but one detail in the story has lingered on in my memory.

Improved educational standards required

[2006-06-07 05:57]

One cannot but marvel at the rapid pace of change in China today. Just a few years ago, college graduates were dubbed the "elite of society" and they scorned any job with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan (US$375) or less.

Three Gorges Project sets good example

[2006-05-24 06:30]

After 13 years of construction, the final touches were put to the concrete structure of the Three Gorges Dam last Saturday, making a century-old dream of the Chinese people finally come true.

Paparazzi set poor example

[2006-05-17 06:20]

Pop star Wang Fei narrowly escaped a Princess Diana-style tragedy on Saturday when her car, chased by paparazzi, was forced to speed on the wrong side of the road.

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