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  • Meatless dining in Beijing

    2010-04-07 08:11

    Great food is a hallmark of a great civilization and China is no exception. The many fine restaurants in Beijing are testament to the broad array of culinary pleasures on offer in the country. Hungry Beijingers can happily feast on juicy lamb kebabs, spicy kongpao chicken, beef noodles, Peking roast duck, fresh seafood and an endless variety of pork dishes. Eating in Beijing is an adventure for the taste buds.

  • Time to catch up on the ball field

    2010-04-06 08:08

    Umpires barked "batter up!" and box scores rolled in. Luminaries tossed ceremonial first pitches as professional baseball's opening day, an American ritual, got under way Monday.

  • Speaking up for civility

    2010-04-06 08:08

    A disclaimer: this is not to suggest that all Chinese have bad manners. Similarly, Westerners certainly don't always possess flawless etiquette.

  • Graduate course for women a game for the rich

    2010-04-06 08:08

    A graduate course for women offered by a university in Beijing claims to be able to turn its students into "virtuous and caring wives, excellent leaders at work, filial children for parents and elegant beauties in social activities" and all in just 24 days.

  • What's wrong with renting?

    2010-04-02 07:30

    Real estate is a national obsession. Wealthy Chinese snap up properties as if they are buying stocks or making savings deposits.

  • Doctors take advantage of life or death decisions

    2010-04-02 07:30

    When a salesman is trying to sell you something, he often tells you how much better your life will be if you buy it. When a doctor is trying to sell you something, the usual line is: how much your life will be destroyed, if you don't. It's the most effective selling strategy I've ever seen. After all, it is your life in his hand.

  • Privileged expats lead an alien life

    2010-04-02 07:30

    When I was a reporter in Boston, I covered the city's exploding population of immigrants from Latin America. My articles centered on their lives there and how they did, or did not, coalesce with the local population.

  • Suicide a selfish act for 'Me Generation'

    2010-04-01 07:53

    Last week I caught a glimpse of a piece of news from the local paper which stopped me from looking through the following pages for a moment: a 26-year-old PhD student at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications committed suicide by jumping from the 13th floor of the university's main building.

  • Good home is hard to find

    2010-04-01 07:53

    I've been in Beijing for a year and I've edited lots of stories about the crazy housing market.

  • A dream walk along a carless street

    2010-03-31 08:12

    Usually our dreams just clear out the nonessential information we get from day to day, a mental disk defrag, if you like.

  • Battle of sexes stirs up a new front: kitchen

    2010-03-31 08:12

    A French guy once asked me: "Do

  • A hot dog breeds new fear

    2010-03-31 08:12

    Something awful is happening to Tibetan mastiffs in China.