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  • It's far harder to amass stuff than to get rid of it

    2011-02-15 07:53

    When I left home to start a two-decade foray in Asia, all I owned fit in one suitcase.

  • How a pet project helped me to meet my Waterloo

    2011-02-10 11:08

    I stood high on the sheer stone side of the canal-like river that runs through the long, thin park in my community, willing the ice to melt.

  • Expert tips on beating the holiday blues

    2011-02-10 11:06

    As the capital's residents shake off their hangovers following the holiday celebrations, some of the city's experts are chiming in with advice on how to beat the back-to-work blues.

  • Interracial brides have to blink away the stink-eye

    2011-01-26 07:59

    For much of my married life, I have lived in Asia. When I'm alone, I'm one of the dark-haired masses until I open my mouth and, opportunist that he is, the watermelon guy increases his price by half. But when I'm with my husband, an American from the heartland of Ohio, broad shoulders, pale complexion and all, not only do the prices triple but sometimes I get the stink-eye from others, both Chinese and Caucasian.

  • I'm digging plans to develop capital's underground space

    2011-01-17 08:09

    I've been shuttling back and forth between my apartment and my office for the past several weeks and not doing a whole lot else, with this cold weather making a misery out of every minute spent outdoors.

  • Parents put faith in education

    2011-01-13 08:05

    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, an article by Amy Chua, a professor at Yale is suddenly everywhere.

  • Is changing all my bad habits wishful thinking?

    2011-01-06 08:10

    As I was walking toward my bus stop after work, a taxi passed right by me, then another. I put up my hand before the third turned up and got into it.

  • Home-grown movies are pulling in big audiences

    2011-01-05 08:36

    The cinema always seems like an ideal choice around the holiday period, especially in the winter.

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    2010-12-30 08:09

    It seems like every season around the non-lunar New Year, Beijing starts doing what almost every smoker finds himself or herself doing - making a resolution for this to be the year when the city quits.

  • When it feels like end of the world, don't let it be

    2010-12-21 08:10

    In less than a month, two students, a young woman and a man who were enrolled at Communication University of China, jumped to their deaths, one after another.

  • Fresh rural air not so far away

    2010-12-13 08:39

    The name "Beijing" conjures up images of a sprawling city, miles of concrete and snarling traffic.

  • UK letting things slide compared with Beijing

    2010-12-08 08:07

    It's that season again in the UK. Snow and cold environmental factors have caused havoc across the entire country, resulting in significant numbers of the population not arriving for employment, key services and transport being disrupted and general weather-related mayhem.