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  • Not over until the fat lady sings

    2011-04-19 09:00

    Traditional opera is enjoying a revival in the capital thanks to some modern touches

  • Growing food on the rooftops

    2011-04-18 08:06

    Adopting advanced farming techniques may prevent shortages in vital supplies

  • Alien? Well, this is another planet

    2011-04-14 07:59

    The acne scars along the security guard's jaw line was a telltale sign of his youth. We shuffled in single file, passing through the metal detector one by one. The bright green overcoat was two sizes too big for his slender frame, as was the military-issued belt, looped twice around his skinny waist.

  • UK still welcomes Chinese minds

    2011-04-13 07:56

    The comments made by Earle Gale ("Replace welcome mat for students", April 11) about Britain's new visa regulations are clearly expressed, but could be open to misinterpretation.

  • Can advert ban stop hedonism?

    2011-04-12 08:03

    Rules on promoting goods as 'luxury' tackles symptom rather than root causes

  • Replace 'welcome mat' for students

    2011-04-11 08:03

    Britain made a huge mistake recently when it removed the "welcome mat" that has lain on its front doorstep for decades and threw it in the rubbish bin.

  • Battle of the geeks heats up

    2011-03-28 08:03

    For years, the United States was the undisputed champion of "geekiness".

  • Building toward a greener capital

    2011-03-24 07:55

    Nothing concentrates the mind of economic planners like political instability in key overseas energy suppliers. China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) therefore not only mandates further reductions in the energy used to generate economic output, but for the first time sets overall consumption goals.

  • Breath of fresh air from the usual routine

    2011-03-09 08:04

    The weekend is on its way, which usually means the set routine: going out for lunch or dinner somewhere decent, a few drinks one night, perhaps a walk around one of the popular areas like Sanlitun Village if the girlfriend fancies a spot of shopping. Sound familiar?

  • Aging with grace is old hat

    2011-03-09 08:04

    Turn on the television and a good chunk of the programs today are reality shows stocked with tan, buff and beautiful 20-somethings who scheme, rob, lie and attempt to outwit, out-sing or out-cook their competition.

  • Don't take heart out of world's greatest festival

    2011-02-17 08:20

    The recent call to ban pyrotechnics during the Spring Festival break would be taking the fire out of an annual tradition that dates back centuries.

  • Why do city's buildings age so quickly?

    2011-02-15 07:53

    On the corner of two busy roads in Tianjin stands my first place of residence in China.